If you’re new to our podcast or to the blog, you might be wondering exactly what it is that Jason Hartman and the team do. Sure, we offer a lot of tips and tricks about investing and real estate, but read on for a closer look at what’s happening here!

There is one way to become a millionaire on Wall Street—begin with two million! Luckily, that is not the case for real estate, the most historically proven asset class. So why isn’t there a financial firm for real estate investors? Jason Hartman wondered the same thing and so he began “The Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors” program.

As you know from reading (and hopefully memorizing!) the Ten Commandments of Real Estate Investing, education is key. The internet, and our site in particular, is home to free articles, podcasts, and information to help you in your investments. Eventually, you’ll want to meet with an investment counselor to determine the amount you’ll need to borrow.

Then, Jason Hartman’s team is here to assist you with the acquisition of properties and allocation of your assets. They’ll help with maintenance, management, and portfolio management, taking a lot of the stress of real estate ownership off your shoulders. All potential property managers will always be prescreened before they’re recommended to investors. They’ll also be leveraged because you’ll own properties in different cities, which means that you are but one account to that manager in that city, who gets a lot of business from the referrals. It’s a great deal for you!

In some cities where Jason Hartman’s investors are, some property managers get at least half of their business from referrals. What this means is great service—and if that’s not happening, then Jason Hartman’s team will make sure any problems are immediately addressed.

No matter the type of property you’re interested in,—REO properties, foreclosures, etc.—your investment dreams can soon become a reality.

If you’re interested in becoming a real estate investor, the podcast and blog are great places to start! What questions do you have? We’re willing to bet that there’s someone here to answer them! (photo credit: ePublicist via photopin cc)

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