Testimonials & Endorsements

Jason Hartman has been in the real estate and investment business for quite a long time, and his reputation continues to grow with every new accomplishment. Below are various first-hand experiences and testimonials from his customers and clients, as well as some direct endorsements from other professionals and colleagues in the media and finance world.

Your software provides clear numbers. I’ve been to other meetings and I often see presenters over promising, but your team is honest and open. Your team answers questions and is conservative with future prop values. This combination makes PP different than the 12 other companies I know selling investment properties. Overall rating is a 10!
Joe Milunas

Jason was Awesome! I rate the seminar a 10!

I see the value in using your network. I am in the process of flipping a property, when it sells, I will use your network to bring in the diversified markets you offer.
Dee Dee Bergman

Honestly, I’m here with my husband to be educated and justify my “NO” to his investing idea. At the break you had me. I’m excited to learn more! My rating 10++!
Kathy Toombs

Very, very informative! It was a 10!
James Burns, Esq.

A little long but very good. My rating – 10!
Philip V.

Great Presentation overall! Need more clarity in some of the spokes people’s humor – I enjoyed it overall. May need to involve more of the viewers it would help everyone with understanding subject’s better, and urge them to participate in the company’s program.I like your team!Excellent! A 10!
B. Jordan

Excellent presentation, excellent services! Rating: 10.
Candy Ross

Great Seminar!! My rating is 10!Jason had great high energy. He’s clear and interesting with a sincere quality. Jason came across like an expert. This was great! It’s a 10!

I missed most of Jason’s presentation tonight, but I’ve seen him present several times – He’s great! Rating: 10.
John Dunham

Very interesting! Very informative! My rating is a 10! Thanks!

I am familiar with LLCs, have one. But gave information to help us expand our empire. James made lecture interesting & gave easy to follow steps. Rating: 10.
Kardena Pauza

Great Seminar! Watch me Grow! Rating: 10.


Incredible!!! Rating 10.

Very good presentation & very informative. Keep the A/C on or at a lower temp.

I just want you to know how excited I am about purchasing properties out of state…I have been wanting to do this for a long time but just didn’t know where to start. I am so happy that you are finding the areas and the properties…I know you are putting in a lot of time and knowledge and experience in coming up with the right properties! And your seminars are great..you are a funny guy! I am in the process of purchasing two properties myself…both in college towns with their built in rental market! I’m excited!

In my opinion, you should hit on the fact that there is no cost to buyers. That’s Great! My rating = 10!
E. Whitley

So much knowledge to gain! Times up but we want you to continue! Great down to earth real world presentation. Thank you. We give it a 10!
Robert and Gamze Davenport

I like the no nonsense straight forward approach. Rating: 8

Jason, you did an excellent job! Humor, good information, and sales… all done with your friendly personality!!
Sandy Villelli

Very educational on how, when and where to invest and also how to us the banks money… the reserve fund is important in case of emergency. Rating: 10

I found your ‘Creating Wealth 101’ seminar very useful and informative. Thank you for your book ‘Become the Brand of Choice.’ I have found that your book is exactly what I have been looking for as a young entrepreneur. I believe in branding and making a name for myself in this world and after finally discovering what I want in life I too will be successful.
Scott Rizuto

Helpful, would attend another on other topics. Rating: 8
Jerome Gormley

Keep up the good work! Rating: 10

Great Presentation! A 10!
Larry Lebig

Great beginning to investing nationwide. Excellent material to ease concerns of arms length investing. Thank You!
Robert Wright

As novice real estate investors we appreciated the footwork and research Jason Hartman and his team did in locating and evaluating investment properties away from the local market. Their obvious experience in this field was put to use for OUR benefit. We feel very comfortable with the Platinum Properties Investor Network agents the team selected. Much care has been given to their careful selection and they have been pleasant, easy to work with and eager to do a good job. We are buying two properties through the Platinum Properties Investor Network and feel we are finally on our way to owning a truly diversified investment portfolio.
Sylvia and David Jonathan

Great info Thanks! This course is great for the beginner or experienced investor. I look forward to attending more courses soon.
Sophia Bendele

The whole seminar was very informative! Rating: 10.

Regina Sarpas

The seminar was 10! Thanks so much!
Pamela Tannehill

Well done – a 10!

Appreciate that the presentation’s goal was to give realistic and helpful information. It wasn’t “pie in the sky” and gave me a sense of confidence in being able to become a successful real estate investor. Rating: 10.
Elizabeth Lewis

Nice! Good people! Overall Rating 10.
William Shoots

I am going to tell my investor clients to attend a Platinum Properties Investment seminar before they sink another dollar into investment property! Rating: 10
Roger Lindsey

Best real estate presentation I have ever been to (including mine) Rating: 10
Gordon Schaye

Outstanding seminar, a real learning adventure in investments of homes in different areas of the country. Rating: 8

This was awesome and the best investor seminar I’ve been to. I appreciate your up front, conservative approach and how you detail both the financial and non-financial market aspects of investing. (I’ve been to Marshall Reddick OK, but he’s too big and too impersonal)Platinum’s Rating: 10
Paul Marthaler

Great seminar. Jason comes across as a genuine person who is highly knowledgeable and wants to share his knowledge. Rating: 10
Cindy Argade

Great Info! Excellent Presentation! Rating: 10
Mark Gabbe