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Jacksonville-St. Augustine Investment Property

“Up and coming area”

  1.  Third largest military presence in the country
  2.  Named 1 of the top 5 "Up and Coming" cities in America by GMA
  3.  Projected annual job growth of 2.5%
  4.  Large tourism and golf industry

Jacksonville-St. Augustine Properties

Memphis Investment Property

“Solid Income Property in the Mid South”

  1.  Centrally located
  2.  Top 15 U.S. Cities’ Emerging Downtowns (Forbes)
  3.  Ranked #4 by Forbes as Happiest city to work
  4.  Landlord friendly market

Memphis Properties

South Central Pennsylvania

“Growing job market”

  1.  Ranked #1 in the northeast for capital investment attraction – Site Selection Magazine
  2.  South Central PA continues to grow steadily between 4% and 6% - Penn Live
  3.  Named #44 best places to live & #29 best places to retire in the U.S.- U.S. News

South Central Pennsylvania Properties

Little Rock Properties

“#1 Place to Live in the United States” – Kiplinger Magazine

  1.  4th strongest economy
  2.  One of 10 strongest markets in U.S. – Forbes
  3.  2nd cleanest city in U.S.
  4.  Low taxes and low unemployment

Little Rock Properties

Indianapolis Investment Property

“The Land of Cash Flow”

  1.  One of Forbes top 25 cities
  2.  Low cost of living
  3.  #5 Best Cities for Teleworking – Large Metro Areas
  4.  Home to major employer expansions

Indianapolis Properties

North Indiana

“Thriving city centers, solid economy”

  1.  Economy based on manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and medical devices
  2.  Abundant agricultural sector
  3.  Home to a $12.6 billion global orthopaedic industry
  4.  Growing urban centers

North Indiana Properties

Jackson Investment Property

"One of the Sunbelt's most dynamic growth regions"

  1. Hub for rich culture, music, and food
  2. Major agricultural development
  3. Flourishing business in major industries such as electrical equipment & machinery and fabricated metal products

Jackson Properties

Kansas City Investment Property

"Mecca for Big Technology Names"- Huffpost

  1.  Hotbed of entrepreneurial activity- UMB Financial Corp
  2.  One of the finest entrepreneurial cities in this great country- Huffpost
  3.  A culturally rich metropolis- NY Times
  4.  Voted the #1 most underrated city in the U.S. by LA Times

Kansas City Properties

Orlando Investment Property

Get Cash Flow in Desirable Climate

  1. Population & job growth
  2. Buy below replacement cost
  3. Disney World as an economic machine
  4. Landlord friendly state

Orlando Properties

Dayton Investment Property

“A true sleeping giant for investors”

  1.  #82 best place to live in the U.S.
  2.  #56 best place to retire
  3.  Ranks 6th economically in the nation
  4.  Average commute is 27-35 minutes

Dayton Properties

Huntsville Investment Property

“Promising Economic Growth”

  1.  Third Most Tech-Friendly Workforce in the U.S.
  2.  One of "The Unlikely Cities That Will Power The U.S. Economy” – Bloomberg Business 2015
  3.  Growing STEM Workforce
  4.  Job Growth

Huntsville Properties

Birmingham Investment Property

“One of the Important Business Centers of the Southeast”

  1.  A leading banking center, home to two major banks
  2.  A powerhouse for construction and engineering companies
  3.  One of America's best places to work and earn a living
  4.  Has contributed to advances in the biotechnology field

Birmingham Properties

Tuscaloosa Investment Property

“One of the Best Places to Live in Alabama”

  1. One of the "50 Best Places to Launch a Small Business" - Fortune Small Business 2009
  2.  Home to industrial plants owned by Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, BFGoodrich Tire Manufacturing, JVC America, and Nucor Steel
  3.  Known for its athletic events, Tuscaloosa hosted the 2008 USA Olympic Triathlon trials

Tuscaloosa Properties

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Oklahoma City Property

“Growing job and business opportunities”

  1.  New job opportunities and business growth
  2.  Ranked #7 by Forbes in Best Places for Business
  3.  Fostering a private entrepreneurial environment & diversified economy
  4.  Health services, retail trade & business services projected to grow

Oklahoma Properties

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Jacksonville Investment Property

“Cultural, commercial and financial center of North Florida”

  1. Large navy and military presence with location on water propelling local economy
  2. Named one of the top 5 "Up and Coming" cities in America by Good Morning America

Jacksonville Properties

Atlanta Investment Property

“One of the best cities for young professionals” – Forbes

  1.  Favorable demographics
  2.  6th fastest growing metro area in U.S. (’12-’13)
  3.  Ranks 6th economically in the nation
  4.  Average commute is 27-35 minutes

Atlanta Properties

Chicago Investment Property

“Get More For Your Money”

  1.  3rd largest metropolitan community
  2.  Thriving affordable city
  3.  Stable investment market
  4.  Get more for your investment dollars

Chicago Properties

Orlando Investment Property

“Get Cash Flow in Desirable Climate”

  1. Population & job growth
  2. Buy below replacement cost
  3. Disney World as an economic machine
  4. Landlord friendly state

Orlando Properties

Montgomery Investment Property

“Vast Economic Diversity”

  1.  Site of Maxwell Air Force Base
  2.  #1 Best Historic City - USA TODAY
  3.  Home to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing
  4.  Large Tourism Economy

Montgomery Properties