Many people find themselves in trouble with debt because they’re getting into debt for the wrong reasons—vacations, clothing, cars, and gadgets that all create the illusion of wealth. Many of us overspend and over consume to the point of financial hardship. It isn’t a pretty situation.

But, as you may have learned, Jason Hartman loves debt. The IRS and our system of banking rewards the person in debt by providing loan modifications, allowing short sales, letting us deduct interest. But all of this for good debt.

To begin your life of financial freedom, start by looking objectively at your portfolio. Four percent of its value should be in reserves to cover income property vacancies or unforeseen problems. Never put yourself in a position where you’re forced to sell because you didn’t plan ahead.

Follow Jason Hartman’s Ten Commandments, beginning with educating yourself and buying properties that make sense (no speculating!). Set money aside for problems, and stay in touch with the professionals assisting you.

If you work with Jason Hartman and his team, this is especially easy. You’ve got free rental coordination for life, free of charge—which means that you’ll have a property manager who finds and manages tenants for you. Your rental coordinator will also place ads for your property, ensuring that your property is rented and your property manager is on it.

Additionally, you can call the team if you’ve got any trouble, no matter how long you’ve owned the property. In traditional real estate, there’s a heavy commission. Selling one property results in a lot of income, but Jason’s team depends upon repeat business. It’s fine if you buy just one property—expect the same level of service and dedication, as well as access to awesome software designed to make investment easier for you.

Best of all, income property investing allows you to be your own boss. And, unlike other types of investments, you aren’t losing money to crooked CEOs and fund managers. Everyone needs a place to live, and your portfolio is benefiting from it.

Love being a borrower. Makeover your portfolio by owning properties in different cities (diversify!) and buy in areas that make sense. Hang on to your properties and Refi Till Ya Die!

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