You may be asking yourself whether or not Jason Hartman’s advice is relevant if inflation doesn’t happen. His advice and theories are based on years of careful research, but hey—we’re all wrong from time to time. But here’s the good news—even if inflation doesn’t happen, Jason Hartman’s advice and programs get you sustainable investments, no matter what. All you’re paying is what it cost you to buy a property, and you’re still collecting tax benefits and rents. You’re (at worst) breaking even.

If you’re putting 20 to 25 percent down on an investment property, that’s one fifth the cost of the property. With other types of investments, you’re putting 100 percent down. Mutual funds, gold—you name it. You’re out 100 percent.

Rental properties are the best performing asset class on Earth. Real estate is hard assets with universal demand.

If we look at investing in gold, you’ll notice it is the right premise, generally speaking—and the wrong conclusion. Gold investors have the right idea because everyone agrees that gold is money. This in itself is something, because not everyone in this world agrees on much, and whether or not something has value is so debatable. But gold doesn’t have utility like real estate does. Mostly, it is a pretty symbol of wealth.

Real estate has utility—a house is useful. It is a packaged commodity that has real, tangible value. If inflation doesn’t happen, people still need homes. Jason Hartman jokes that a decrease in population is the only thing that will prevent you from making money, should you follow his plan for real estate investment—and we all know that population isn’t decreasing!

Remember, your savings, your stocks, your bonds, your equity all fall victim to inflation. But your packaged commodities go up in value because they’ve got universal demand. Your debt goes down in value, and here you are, building sustainable wealth!

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