Most people who seek employment with limited experience or limited skills have gone through the ordeal of ‘knocking on doors’ looking for an opportunity. This situation frequently yields the classic dilemma of an inability to get a job without experience, and an inability to get experience without a job. Some of the people who face this paradox buckle under the pressure and give up on success. Others strengthen their resolve to succeed, regardless of what obstacles must be overcome.

These people frequently take their fresh ideas and drive to succeed and start their own companies. The power of these new ventures is that they are initiated by people who are not beholden to an entrenched management structure or an established way of doing business. This leaves them free to target niche markets and aggressively adopt new strategies that allow them to serve the customer better. In addition to this, many of the young people who are now entering the job force possess tremendous technology acumen. Case in point is Platinum Property Investor’s Network wunderkind and CEO Jason Hartman.

Such acumen frequently allows these new entrepreneurs like Hartman to use technological advances to lower their cost of doing business, automate their systems, price aggressively, and open new market segments that have been overlooked by larger entities. In some cases, these efforts prove to be unfruitful and the venture fails. (It happens) In other cases, the venture will be moderately successful. In a few instances, the new venture will catch the public eye and scale up to become wildly successful.

This is the point where new entrepreneurs fully transition from ‘knocking on doors’ for a job to ‘knocking doors down’ as they push established companies away from the table. A prime example of this has occurred in the media and journalism industry where industry behemoths such as the New York Times and other legacy institutions are seeing the scope and breadth of their influence decline precipitously in light of online publishers, internet media, and freely available content. As a new entrepreneur or micropreneur, you have supreme flexibility to target the direction of your business venture. This flexibility is the key advantage that will allow you to develop the power to knock the doors of competitors down. (Top image: Flickr | Rennett Stowe)

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