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Little Rock Investment Property Tour

Little Rock Investment Property Tou ...

Income Property Investment Tour + Education $200 to $400 a Month in Passive Income With Turnkey Rentals Right now we are experiencing an unprecedented time for people to realize their dreams of creating wealth through real estate investing. With the ongoing troubles of the housing markets there...

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Private Investment Market Tour

Private Investment Market Tour

On this private tour, unlike the group property tours we do from time to time in various markets, our real estate investing guru, Jason Hartman, is your personal guide the market of choice. During this tour Jason, along with Platinum's Local Market Specialist, will show you excellent income properties...

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Featured Properties

Birmingham Property

Recently Renovated with Excellent ROI

Renovated in 2014 this beautiful 3 bedroom home has an excellent ROI of 42%!

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Spacious Two Story Investment

Spacious Home with High Cash Flow

Spacious two story home with over 2,200 sq. ft. is on market for under $99,000, generating high cash flow.

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Low Selling Costs, High ROI Value

Selling Low, ROI High

Fully renovated home with tenant in place! Property listed on market for $53,900 with an ROI of 39%!

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Student Loan Debt Spans Generations

Student Loan Debt Spans Generations

Think student loan debt is only a problem for new grads – and maybe their families? Think again. The ballooning student loan debt crisis has hit generations ranging from those new graduates to midlife professionals to retirees. And it's those “senior citizens’ dealing with student debt who may...

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Podcast Your Passion

Podcast Your Passion

  Over recent years, one of the fastest growing branches of media has been podcasting.  The great virtue that podcasting holds over traditional media is twofold: The first is that it is asynchronous, meaning that people can listen or watch podcasts whenever it is convenient for them.  The...

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Breakdown of Conventional and Non-Conventional Loans

Breakdown of Conventional and Non-C ...

Qualifying for a loan on an investment property can be difficult for several investors, considering the rules and regulations required to meet, financial concerns for a down payment or credit ratings to qualify for a particular loan, so as you continue on in this article find out the difference and breakdown...

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Latest Podcast Episodes

CW 415 Todd Schoenberger: Trading Volumes & ObamaCare

CW 415 Todd Schoenberger: Trading V ...

Todd Schoenberger is the Managing Partner and Principal at LandColt Capital. He joins the show to discuss trading volumes during the market run-up and ObamaCare's recovery after a poor start. Todd M. Schoenberger began his career in the financial services industry as a Broker with Merrill Lynch...

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CW 414 Chris Martenson: Crash Course of Economy + Energy + Environment

CW 414 Chris Martenson: Crash Cours ...

Chris Martenson is the former Vice President of Pfizer and SAIC. He's the developer of the educational video seminar series, “The Crash Course,” and author of "THE CRASH COURSE: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment." Martenson discusses whether the central banks...

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CW 413 Jawad S. Mian: Dubai, Bitcoin & Investing

CW 413 Jawad S. Mian: Dubai, Bitcoi ...

Jawad S. Mian is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of TGSF (The Good Society Fund) Advisors. He's also the Editor of the "Stray Reflections" monthly investment newsletter. Based in Dubai, Mian is an expert on Dubai, Qatar and Middle Eastern investments.   Mian discusses Dubai as a travel...

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