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Private Investment Market Tour

Private Investment Market Tour

On this private tour, unlike the group property tours we do from time to time in various markets, our real estate investing guru, Jason Hartman, is your personal guide the market of choice. During this tour Jason, along with Platinum's Local Market Specialist, will show you excellent income properties...

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Featured Properties

Charming Cape Cod - Perfect Location

Charming Cape Cod – Perfect Location

Projections: 35% ROI, $2530 annual cash flow, 10% cash on cash return.

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memphis investment property

Seller Pays All Closing Costs

This is a wonderful investment opportunity that doesn't come along very often! Projected 34% ROI. $3,000 annual cash flow. Already rented.

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memphis investment property

Newly Uploaded – High Projected ROI%!

Income Property Just Uploaded: Projections - ROI: 45%, Annual cash flow: $3,276, Cash on Cash: 18%

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Jason Hartman - Thou Shalt Understand Relativity

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Maybe you've heard the phrase about water seeking its own level. The idea holds true in a variety of contexts, but for the sake of today's discussion let’s say that water seeks the lowest level. We can apply this thinking to stock and precious metals markets and even to real estate. Money follows the...

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:  A Guide for Investing Success?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: A G ...

Can a core theory of psychology help investors find success? Turns out it can. Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs describes the stages of basic human motivation, with insight for investors hoping to build wealth with income property. Maslow published his groundbreaking work in...

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Jason Hartman's NEXT Ten Commandments: Hold Thy Tenants Accountable

Jason Hartman’s NEXT Ten Comm ...

If you remember high school or college, you probably have at least one memory involving working in a group. A project is assigned, work is divided, and you separate to complete your tasks. There usually emerges a leader who keeps everyone on track, ultimately completing the work of the less competent...

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CW 373 - Gold Prices with Dent Research editor Rodney Johnson

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Rodney Johnson is President and Editor of Dent Research. He joins the show to explain why gold will fall below $800. Johnson then discusses whether the US economy is slowing. He also shares how investors can build streams of income instead of relying on equity markets. Visit Dent Research at Rodney...

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CW 372 - using Bitcoin with CEO Patrick Byrne

CW 372 – using ...

Patrick Byrne is the Chairman & CEO of He joins the show to discuss why he made the decision to add Bitcoin as a payment form for This interview is action-packed with Bitcoin content. Byrne explains how and when he first heard about Bitcoin and what his reaction...

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CW 371 - Rich Dad Attorney Garrett Sutton on Asset Protection

CW 371 – Rich Dad Attorney Ga ...

A best-selling author, speaker and a member of an elite group of "Rich Dad's" advisors, hand selected by author Robert Kiyosaki, Garrett speaks to investors and entrepreneurs on a variety of topics including asset protection, liability limitation, wealth creation, as well as various business and...

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