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Upcoming Events

Birmingham Investment Property Tour

Birmingham Investment Property Tour

Income Property Investment Tour + Education $200 to $400 a Month in Passive Income With Turnkey Rentals Right now we are experiencing an unprecedented time for people to realize their dreams of creating wealth through real estate investing. With the ongoing troubles of the housing markets there...

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Private Investment Market Tour

Private Investment Market Tour

On this private tour, unlike the group property tours we do from time to time in various markets, our real estate investing guru, Jason Hartman, is your personal guide the market of choice. During this tour Jason, along with Platinum's Local Market Specialist, will show you excellent income properties...

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Featured Properties

Perfect Single Family Home

Sinlge-Family Home in Perfect Condition

Single-family, 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1,462 sq. ft. home is in perfect condition with ROI of 35%.

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Property in Prime Location

Home in Prime Location

Cute 3 bedroom home is in a prime location near International airport; On market for less than $70k.

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Cash Flow Day One

Generate Cash Flow Day One

Recently updated home including new AC. Generate cash flow day one of owning this property.  

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Birmingham: The Investment Property Tour Rolls On

Birmingham: The Investment Property ...

If you missed us in Atlanta, Memphis, or Little Rock, never fear. The investment property tour rolls on, and this time we’re hitting the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. If you’re interested in creating a passive flow of income using the best asset ever created, please keep reading. A few years...

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Learn Your Investing Purpose

Got 5 Minutes? Learn Your Investing ...

Can a five minute exercise help you find investing success? If Adam Leipzig is right, it could. In a recent TED talk filmed in Malibu, the film producer and creative entrepreneur posed five questions that can be answered in five minutes to reveal a person’s life purpose. And those same questions...

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Depressed Markets Mean Desperate Sellers

Depressed Markets Mean Desperate Se ...

Got an iPhone? Want to buy a house? Or, maybe you have an iPad, or an Android device. The owner of a severely troubled house in Detroit doesn’t really care. This individual, who’s now living abroad, just wants to unload the property. That owner isn’t alone, either. In markets on both coasts...

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CW 428 - John Challenger - Global Outplacement and Career Opportunities

CW 428 – John Challenger R ...

Jason talks a little a bit about what's going on in the world today and touches on some subjects like fusion fuel, cool apps, and more. Later in this podcast Jason interviews John Challenger about employment growth and what are some of the hotspots in the United States. John Challenger is an expert...

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CW 427 Senate Candidate and Libertarian Sean Haugh

CW 427 Senate Candidate and Liberta ...

On today’s Creating Wealth Show, Jason Hartman talks about the vital side of investing that is construction cost. As an investor within real estate, it’s so important to know the situation, whether it be adjusting how much you pay contractors to match with the area itself or knowing just how...

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CW 426 - Property Management Profile - Birmingham Alabama

CW 426 – Property Management ...

In preparation for the upcoming Property Tour and Creating Wealth Seminar, taking place in Birmingham, Alabama on the 22nd and 23rd November, today’s Creating Wealth Show has Jennifer as its guest. She works as part of the local market specialist team in Birmingham and takes the time to fill us...

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