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Private Investment Market Tour

Private Investment Market Tour

On this private tour, unlike the group property tours we do from time to time in various markets, our real estate investing guru, Jason Hartman, is your personal guide the market of choice. During this tour Jason, along with Platinum's Local Market Specialist, will show you excellent income properties...

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Featured Properties

Brand New Single Family Home

High Annual Cash Flow Property

GREAT area for rentals! Only 30-45 days from completion and this property will be 100% rent ready.

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Great ROI and Annual Cash Flow

Low Deferred Maintenance, High ROI

Built in 2007 with low deferred maintenance and high ROI of 42%, this property is ideal for investors.

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Brand New Franklin Property

Portion of Closing Cost Paid

Property is rent ready with a bonus offer from builder to pay $2,000 in closing costs!  

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Latest Blog Articles

Student Loan Debt Hits Housing Hard

Student Loan Debt Hits Housing Hard

Students aren’t the only ones hit hard by the cost of a college education. The staggering burden of student loan debt affects just about every area of the economy – with troubling implications for the still struggling housing market - and investors building wealth through income property. The...

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little rock investment property

3 Reasons to Invest in Little Rock

Real estate is one of the greatest investment opportunities to create wealth, and a great market to begin generating that positive cash flow is in Little Rock, Arkansas.  According to Kiplinger Magazine, Litle Rock, Arkansas is the "#1 place to live in the United States." Not only is this the best place...

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Student Loan Debt Spans Generations

Student Loan Debt Spans Generations

Think student loan debt is only a problem for new grads – and maybe their families? Think again. The ballooning student loan debt crisis has hit generations ranging from those new graduates to midlife professionals to retirees. And it's those “senior citizens’ dealing with student debt who may...

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Latest Podcast Episodes

CW 419 - Matthew Hart - Gold, The Race for the World's Most Seductive Metal

CW 419 – Matthew Hart – ...

In today’s episode of Creating Wealth Show, Jason Hartman discusses issues surrounding the status of our society in relation to Wall Street’s closed doors, as well as the hugely varied real estate investor market across different states, making a particular comparison between Little Rock, Arkansas...

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CW 418 Joel Skousen: Why the US Dollar Will NOT Collapse

CW 418 Joel Skousen: Why the US Dol ...

Joel Skousen is a survivalist author and retreat consultant. He's the author of, "Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places." Skousen discusses how our world becoming less stable because of a coming shortage in commodities. He then gives the best and easiest places to relocate to...

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CW 417: PIP Group Tax Lien & Tax Deed Investing Scam?

CW 417: PIP Group Tax Lien & T ...

Have you had an interest in tax lien or tax deed investments? Jason Hartman talks with Florence Hamler as they discuss the potential PIP West Scam which promotes tax liens as an investment. The company uses multiple names and locations, just to clarify for my note above: PIP Group, PIP-West, PIPGroup,...

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