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CW 390 – Life at the Speed of Passion with Eve Wright

Eve Wright is the Vice President and Associate General Counsel for The HEAT Group (Miami Heat basketball team). She is the author of, "LIFE AT THE SPEED OF PASSION: Create a Life of Intention, Purpose, and Integrity."   Wright joins the show to discuss how people can cut the emotional “fat”...

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road trip

CW 389 – Cash Flow Rental Properties in Birmingham, Cleveland, & Dallas

Join Jason Hartman and his mom on this episode of The Creating Wealth Show as they discuss their long road trip through several markets including Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville, Birmingham and Dallas. You'll learn about the "minimalist management" philosophy in creating bulletproof rental...

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John Lawrence Allen

CW 388 – Make Wall Street Pay You Back with John Lawrence Allen

John Lawrence Allen is a securities litigation attorney helping investors recover funds lost through investment fraud or incompetence. He's a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney and author of the new book, "Make Wall Street Pay You Back." Allen talks about the dirty tricks Wall Street plays...

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CW 387 - Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Scams

CW 387 – Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad Scams

ANNOUNCER: This show is produced by the Hartman Media Company. All rights reserved. For distribution or publication rights and media interviews, please visit, or email Nothing on this show should be considered specific personal or professional advice....

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Bruce Fein

CW 386 – Stopping Government Surveillance with Bruce Fein

Jason Hartman welcomes constitutional law specialist, Bruce Fein (pronounced “fine”), to episode #386 of The Creating Wealth Show. Fein has been officially involved in matters of personal freedom and liberty as far back as the early 1970s when he drafted the articles of impeachment that eventually...

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Ray Bourhis

CW 385 – Insurance and ERISA with Ray Bourhis

Besides cranking out a steady stream of both fiction and non-fiction books, Jason Hartman’s guest for episode #385 of The Creating Wealth Show, Ray Bourhis, is a partner with the law firm of Bourhis & Wolfson in San Francisco, California, specializing in insurance bad-faith litigation. A graduate...

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Phaedra Fisher

CW 384 – Vodka Diplomacy with Phaedra Fisher

In 1991, the Soviet Union blew apart at the seams when Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev resigned and handed over the nuclear missile launching codes to Boris Yeltsin, president of Russia, the largest republic. No one knew what would happen next. It was an exciting and scary time to for an American...

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Teeka Tiwari

CW 383 – The Bond Market and Market Predictions with Teeka Tiwari

TEEKA TIWARI: Hear me out. JASON HARTMAN: I know, I know, I’m just giving you a hard time. Ho ahead. TEEKA TIWARI: Why would you want to buy an insurance company that has an investment in bonds? Here’s the reason why. They are constantly getting new money in that has to be re-put back into...

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Martin Armstrong

CW 382 – Comprehending the True Monetary History with Martin Armstrong

If you thought economics was boring, think again. At the heart of wars, land grabs, politics, history, and almost any sort of human interaction lies economics. Remember – economics is about money, and money, depending upon your perspective, either makes the world go ‘round or is the root of all...

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CW 381 - Meet The Masters Lender Panel

CW 381 – Meet The Masters Lender Panel

CAELI RIDGE: Well, depends. Let’s say we run the computation on the Schedule E, and knowing what your goals are for 2014, for example, we’re—first of all, we’re in a unique time and space. I mean, we’re at the beginning of 2014, so you have that window of opportunity. You can get the draft...

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