\When it comes to making money online, you certainly need to know a few things to complete your financial education – though probably not as many as you might think. One of the those things you should know is that clicks are people too. Actually clicks aren’t people, but each and every one of them is generated by a finger attached to a hand, connected to an arm, located below and slightly to the left or right of a human brain. If you want to actually sell something to that collection of parts, you’re going to have to start considering that clicks are human beings! They have thoughts, feelings, and make their buying decisions on emotion.

Most Internet marketers at some point make one or more of the following statements, thus proving that they are NOT thinking of their website traffic as human.

How do I make more money from my list?

How do I get more traffic to my website?

How do I get more clicks on my ads?

How do I get more money from Facebook?

How can I dominate Google?

Tsk, tsk. Just look at how you’re talking about all those nice people who might want to be your customer if you’d show them a little common courtesy. Remember the following:

Your list is made up of people who made a conscious decision to subscribe (not counting form robots). Your website traffic is comprised of people who arrived there on purpose (mostly). Your clicks are generated by minds that thought (if only for a moment) your link was the most important thing in their life. Let’s get to the nub of the issue. All those nameless, faceless people out there whom you would like to convince to give you some of their money are consumers just as surely as if it were you standing across the counter from your favorite butcher at the local meat market.

From this moment forward, why not try marketing with people in mind? What makes you subscribe to a list and, more importantly, stay on the list week after week? Why do you visit a website for the first time, and what keeps you coming back. Put on your ‘think like a consumer’ hat and watch your tribe become much more responsive. Financial education complete – for the moment.

The Creating Wealth Team

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