What’s Your Measuring Stick?

You’ve probably heard it a billion times…

Any time you flip on the TV to listen to talking heads discuss real estate, you’ll hear them talking about a single American housing market. 

Personally, I find this annoying.

According to United States Census Bureau data, there are roughly 384 metropolitan statistical areas and 543 micropolitan areas in America.

On top of that, there are approximately 3,006 counties in the US.

When we unpack these regions, we see multiple layers of data.

Just look at a given county.

There are multiple cities, and in those cities, there’s a diverse array of neighborhoods for people of all economic profiles. 

All told, these properties can vary significantly in terms of prices. 

That’s why it’s difficult to extrapolate a national standard from looking at a specific housing market.

Talking about housing requires you to take a nuanced view of things, something most people can’t do these days.

If there’s one thing that you should apply when analyzing real estate it’s what I like to call the Hartman Question.

Basically, the Hartman Question involves you asking “compared to what?”

Sure, housing might be expensive in nominal terms.

But when it’s adjusted for inflation, it could actually be cheap.

Doubly so, when you factor in mortgage payments, since hardly anyone’s buys housing outright with cash these days.

Also what’s going down in the more volatile, cyclical market of Los Angeles may not be the case in a stabler market like El Paso.

That’s the nature of America’s vast diversity in housing markets.

Understanding this is key in building a solid portfolio of income properties.

You’ll learn about the Hartman Question and much more at The Collective Mastermind.

The Collective Mastermind epitomizes the spirit of the Hartman Question.

Because when it comes to mastermind groups and their overall quality, you always have to ask yourself “compared to what”?

You see, most mastermind groups are decent but they’re lacking in a particular x-factor….

Certain thought leaders promise you the world and claim their mastermind groups are the best.

You then drop $1000+ to join these groups.

To be sure, you might learn some useful things in those mastermind groups.

But with how ubiquitous information is these days, you could probably find that info for free through a simple Google search or at least pay much less through a simple online course.

The problem with most mastermind groups is that they’re too focused on the “how” and not the “who” to attain financial success.

Case in point, these mastermind groups usually don’t have elite performers who form a part of the group. 

That’s where The Collective Mastermind separates itself from the rest of the pack. 

It’s filled with top-shelf entrepreneurs, investors, influences, and even celebrity figures who’ve been there and done it.

This is a mastermind group for those who aspire for greatness.

It’s not your average group.

We’ll be screening applicants thoroughly.

To join this group, you’ll not only need to have a strong track record of entrepreneurial activity but also make a significant investment in The Collective. 

Ultimately, your contribution will show us that you’re truly invested in the group and ready to fulfill its mission.

If you’re one of the select individuals accepted to join The Collective, you can expect the following:

  • Four In-Person Meetings every year at post locations to expand and grow your network, take your wealth to meteoric heights, and create long-lasting relationships with industry moguls.
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  •  Access to our Rolodex of Fortune 500 CEOs, internationally-famed celebrities , real estate magnets, well-connected investors, and political leaders (some will actually attend these events, you’ll get to rub shoulders with them)…

Again, this group isn’t for everyone but if you believe you have what it takes, apply ASAP. 

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