What Billionaires Going to Space Tells Us About Inflation

You probably saw the news of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson riding into space last month.

Naturally, many people were awe-struck at these feats.

Ever since the moon landing of 1969, space has captured the imagination of millions of Americans.

This is laudable. The human experience is all about pushing limits and breaking new barriers.

While these ventures demonstrated great entrepreneurial prowess, they’re also illustrative of some troubling economic trends.

Rich magnates can have the opportunity to engage in vanity projects that most Americans, including small and mid-sized business owners could only dream of doing.

To be sure, space travel has its value but you have to wonder if these recents space rides will be followed up with any more substantive space exploration ventures.

The hardened cynic would view these trips as just another checkbox on a billionaire’s bucket list and will likely not add much value to society at large.

One also has to question the motives of monopoly capitalists and how they’ve attained their vast wealth.

Not all of the wealthy have built their wealth through nefarious means, but there are quite a few who have used government privileges and questionable business practices to build massive amounts of wealth.

Some economic bigwigs have continued to strike it rich in the present when millions of people are in dire economic straits thanks to lockdown policies.

Regardless of where you stand on socioeconomic questions, you can see why many people are beginning to get angry with the politicians and corporate oligarchs.

Now the solutions that many of the people complaining put forward can be all over the place…

Some may actually make things worse.

But the dissatisfaction is justified.

What’s more, certain economic macro trends don’t augur well for the US.

With inflation entering the national discourse, income inequality will only increase by even greater amounts.

Inflation disproportionately hurts the working class thanks to the Cantillon Effect .

This is an observation that the French-Irish economist Richard Cantillon made during the 18th century.

In his time, Cantillon observed that the closer you were to the crown and the moneyed elites, the more you prospered.

The way elites thrived in inflationary circumstances was through their ability to purchase financial assets on the cheap and then watch as those prices inflate.
Banks and other financial institutions are usually the first beneficiaries of freshly printed money.

These enterprises and individuals are in a great position because they can channel all that surplus liquidity into financial assets.

And they usually do so by buying assets at low prices.

However, for John Q. Public, it’s a whole different ball game.

The average worker is generally far from the freshly printed money, and ends up receiving a raw deal through higher food prices or lower real wages once inflation rears its ugly head.

As inflation becomes a fixture of the economy, the Cantillon effect will be a harsh reality Americans will have to confront.

They’ll also have to deal with a widening inequality gap.

This is pretty worrisome stuff.

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