Over the years we’ve provided what we feel is a pretty clear-cut case, based on an overwhelming preponderance of evidence, that Wall Street is an ineffective place to invest your money. To sum up exactly what’s wrong with it – buying stock is like playing an insider’s game from the outside. Are you an insider? If so, congratulations on making a very nice living screwing your fellow man out of his retirement. Enjoy your money quickly because you never know when the SEC or FBI will come a’knocking with a long list of questions.

There are two main reasons we suggest real estate investing. The first is that it is difficult, if not impossible, to “fix” the game. There is no insider trading in real estate. No middlemen to fear. This is direct investing at it’s finest. You decide what you want to buy and then pull the trigger. There are precious few areas in the transaction or the day-to-day business of being a landlord that lend themselves so readily to being cheated. Notice we didn’t say it’s as pure as the wind-driven snow. You still should check up on your property manager, if you have one, now and then to make sure he’s toeing the line and not padding any maintenance claims but that’s small potatoes compared to what Wall Street can do to you.

The second reason real estate investing comes so highly recommended from the Creating Wealth Show is simple. It’s profitable. Highly profitable. In fact, if you implement a conservative leverage strategy taught through Jason Hartman and the Platinum Properties Investor Network, you should not be surprised to bank annual returns of 20 percent or more. What exactly is it that makes real estate investing so profitable? In a nutshell, unlike Wall Street, property can return profit from several different directions at once: appreciation, tax benefits, and cash flow are a few of the more obvious factors.

How do you profit from Wall Street? Let’s count the ways. Hmm, we can only think of two, neither of which boasts any sort of longevity. Either be very, very lucky and then smart enough to get out when the getting’s good, or – you guessed it – become an insider. How do you become an insider? Trust us. You don’t want to go down that road. It’s much better to put those awful “trusting in the stock market” days behind you and turn to what has been proven to work much better., real estate investing.

The Creating Wealth Team

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