This Group Will Change Your Life

Remember that fateful day you said goodbye to your 9 to 5?

It must have felt liberating.

No longer did you have to rely on a paycheck to get by or worry about your company having to downsize or completely shut down like many humble enterprises did throughout the current pandemic.

Over the last few years, you’ve built your own business, your investments have been on point, and to top it off, you’ve slowly built a little real estate kingdom.

Not too shabby.

As the years go by, you remain financially independent.

You’ve hit all the check marks and have done well for yourself.

But there’s something off that you can’t point your finger on.

Despite the success, you still want more.

Every time you go to business conferences, you see people who are at the top of their game.

Not only are they leaders in their fields, they epitomize greatness from the cars they cruise in to the clothes they rock.

The very entourages they draw would make royal families of yore green with envy.

Deep down you want to be just like them.

You’ve made tremendous progress over the years, but there are still people out there whose wealth and accomplishments make you feel pedestrian in comparison.

But you love competition and are willing to do what it takes to win.

However, you start realizing that certain things haven’t been going as smoothly as expected.

As someone who understands how to become successful, you’ve come to appreciate the importance of tracking your progress.

Sales, cash flows, expenses, retention rates, click rates, website traffic, etc.

These are all the quantifiable metrics that give you an idea if your business is progressing or stagnating.

In your case, it dawns upon you that your ventures have plateaued.

You’re not in dire straits, but you can definitely do more to live up to your full potential.

After months off frustration you start becoming resigned to the notion that you’ve already peaked financially.

But one day you start browsing YouTube to check out the latest financial content.

You fall into a trance of sorts as you are hooked to videos of financial experts talking about an impending financial collapse.

But then you stumble upon one channel, where a notable figure in the finance space is interviewed about career development with the channel’s host.

This finance expert is someone you’ve looked up to during your financial journey.

During the Youtube interview, he’s surprisingly candid about his struggles and the many times he thought about throwing in the towel.

One point that stuck out to you was his focus on having the right mentors, and more importantly, the right connections and networks.

You pause the video for a few minutes to reflect because you realize one thing……

….you’ve been going solo this whole time.

Your road to financial independence was initially built on your concentrated efforts to educate yourself via books, Youtube videos, and podcasts,

There’s nothing wrong with that.

By consuming that material on your own, you were able to build a solid base of knowledge.

This worked at the start….But proved to be unsustainable in the long-term, as you hit a hard plateau.

After reflecting in silence for a few minutes, you had your light bulb moment in which you realized that you were missing the crucial x-factor: having a network of like-minded people who could push you and give you the mentorship you need to take your game to the next level.

Anywho, you resume the video interview to get further insights.

Everything makes sense now as you listen with a newfound sense of clarity.

Now, the question is all about finding a real world network of people who share the same beliefs and interests as yourself.

The video you’re watching is coming to an end and you’re ready to hit the sack.

You have the volume up quite high as you start making your bedtime preparations.

As you’re about to go to sleep, the finance expert suddenly starts talking about a so-called “mastermind” group that he and some big entrepreneurs are forming.

You stop everything you’re doing and rush straight back to your laptop to listen diligently.

The finance expert explains how he’s forming an exclusive group for people who are well-established in the investment space, but who are currently experiencing plateaus in their financial performance.

He ends the episode by dropping a link to this mastermind group and invites listeners to apply.

You, the ever decisive go-getter, quickly click on the link and go through the lengthy application process. Sleep can wait…

Mastermind groups are the key to long-term success for the most ambitious of us and anyone who genuinely wants to improve themselves will join these groups.

That’s why I’ve partnered with savvy entrepreneurs like Ken McElroy and George Gammon to create The Collective Mastermind.™

Consider this the Justice League of elite entrepreneurs who want to reach the highest echelons of their fields.

Admit it…. You’ve been missing a critical x-factor all these years.

That missing link is connections.

You see, it’s not enough to move forward by your lonesome.

Everyone wants to be a Lone Ranger, until the realities of life hits you in the face.

Part of your development is acknowledging that you live limits and that there are people out there who with greater wisdom and experience who are ready to lend a helping hand.

It’s only a matter of being humble and coming to grips with the reality that you can’t run solo forever.

You will need guidance to continue progressing.

That’s where The Collective Mastermind comes into play.

The Collective Mastermind has redefined what a mastermind group is all about.

The Collective Mastermind is an exclusive, high-end club whose goal is to help you grow your investment returns, while also giving you the tools to improve your health and leave behind a legacy that your peers and succeeding generations will commemorate.

Mark my words, you’ll be in good hands under The Collective Mastermind’s leadership.

My partners in George Gammon and Ken McElroy are heavyweights in their fields, folks. Their track records speak for themselves.

George Gammon is a real estate investor and serial entrepreneur who became semi-retired at 38 after growing his last business to $24MM a year. Since then, has remodeled and flipped over 40 properties worldwide. Currently, he manages a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio and runs a successful YouTube channel where he interviews the world’s leading experts in their respective fields. Should you get accepted into the The Collective Mastermind, you’ll get to meet many of the experts George has interviewed.

Ken McElroy has generated north of $750 million investment dollars in real estate. At his YouTube channel, he teaches millions of people worldwide the ins-and-outs of the real estate game. As Real Estate Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, Ken is one of the premier real estate experts that high-level entrepreneurs can rely on for the best strategies to build wealth in real estate. If you’re accepted into the Collective Mastermind, Ken will share with you his real estate secrets.


Last but certainly not least, I, Jason Hartman, will maximize your Return on Life by giving you some of the best tips in real estate investment. I have presided over several thousand real estate transactions and have owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. My Creating Wealth Podcast has educated hundreds of thousands of people in 164 countries across the world. I’m assembling a superstar crew of friends and associates to take your professional network to the stars.

The leadership at the Collective Mastermind is the real deal.

We’re here to serve the high performers.

No offense, but The Collective Mastermind is not for the Joe Six-Packs of the world.

It’s for the elite entrepreneur or elite aspirants who strive for financial greatness.

Hence our decision to have a rigorous application process for those who want to be a part of The Collective Mastermind.

Should you be accepted into this vanguard of financial prowess, you will be in good hands.

Here’s what you can expect as a member of The Collective Mastermind:

  • In-Person Meetings: Four in-person meetings annually in extravagant locations to grow your network, expand your wealth at meteoric rates, and establish long-lasting relationships with industry moguls.
  • Strategic Sessions: Strategic hot seat sessions led by big names with decades of experience, who are ready to answer your most pressing business questions, share key deals, and even invest together.
  • Access to Our Rolodex: By joining The Collective Mastermind, you will have access to our Rolodex of Fortune 500 CEOs, world-renowned celebrities, real estate titans, plugged-in investors, and political tycoons. A good portion will be in attendance at our social functions, and you’ll have the chance to make friends with them as equals.
  • Monthly Zoom Calls: We reserve time for The Collective Mastermind members and you’ll be able to participate in our Zoom meetings with high-level experts on a variety of topics.

…And much more!!!!

Forge about idealistic theories. You need proven, actionable systems to boost your portfolio and maximize your Return on Life (ROL).

Sure, you can develop these yourself, but at the cost of valuable time, lost opportunity, and lost profits.

That’s an expensive and time-consuming learning curve….

But here at The Collective Mastermind we’re here to give you the tools to level up… provided that you have the profile that we’re looking for.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of this elite cadre of entrepreneurs, do not hesitate to apply to The Collective Mastermind.

Although you still have several months to consider applying to the Collective Mastermind, do remember your competition will be stiff. So fill out your application as soon as possible..

Only 100 spots available! So act fast by saving your spot at the link below: