To start the show, Jason Hartman discusses the looming asset shortage and how the wealthy class continues to grow. In the interview segment, Edward Klein joins Jason to discuss Hillary Clinton and why she should not be voted as POTUS. Edward shares that Hillary is continuously getting caught in unethical activities and somehow escapes prosecution. He also mentions Hillary’s health and the small scandals that she may be creating to distract the people her from illegal activities.

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Welcome to the creating wealth show. This is your host, Jason Hartman. This is episode number 635 635. Thank you so much for joining me listeners around the world from 164 countries. And I am coming to you from Dubai in the UAE still here, and I’m on my way home tomorrow. But it has been just an amazing week with our venture Alliance members. What an intimate, awesome group. We had guests that came out one of our guests who’s been on the podcast as well. came out and spoke to us. That’s Jawad Mia. He’s coming up for the second time again, you’re in several episodes. We already recorded that one with him. But he spoke to us for about two and a half hours on Saturday morning, talked about the Middle East about what’s going on here which there are Really some amazing things. You know, it’s a pretty dynamic place here, Dubai and some of the neighboring areas that are involved in some of this tremendous economic expansion, globalization development, if there ever was a city that I’ve been to, and I know I’ve said this before about other cities, where I’ve jokingly said that the, the national bird should be the crane, the construction crane, well, that is probably true, nowhere more than it is Dubai, at least places I’ve been, because the amount of development is nothing short of amazing. And, you know, with my mindset, and maybe yours is attuned to this, as well. I mean, I’m certainly not attuned to everything. I’m probably missing out on a zillion other things. But you know, with the way I think about real estate and what I call packaged commodities, investing or assembled commodities investing. I just look around and I see this massive number of people. You know, it’s fairly crowded here. There’s a lot of people certainly in our hotel, we stayed at the wall. We’re still staying because I’m about to go to bed. I’m actually this is probably the most tired I’ve ever recorded a podcast intro.

But don’t worry, we’ll get to our guest here talking about some political stuff today, as it relates to the economy of course, but you know, we’re staying at this beautiful JW Marriott Marquis hotel. It’s these these twin towers that jet up 70 stories, and it’s the tallest Hotel in the world, the tallest Hotel in the world. And just a couple of days ago, we visited the Burj Khalifa and Burj means tower by the way. So there’s all these merges. So we visited Burj Khalifa that is the tallest building in the world, but it’s only going to be so for another Couple of years because Saudi Arabia is going to outdo it by literally about 1000 feet. This building, we went up to the hundred and 48th floor, and I took an amazing photograph looking down and seeing our hotel, the JW, Marriott Marquis, the tallest Hotel in the world that looks like nothing and it’s two twin 70 storey buildings. So, the way my mind is tuned into this real estate and packaged commodities stuff, I just see all these people that are needing all these resources and they are consuming all these commodities. And I know the commodities market especially as it relates to oil is not exactly in a boom time right now. Haha, I’m joking. It’s pretty bearish. Well, it’s very bearish, at least the oil side is you just got to know that as these people Age grow and attain more economically, they’re just going to consume more and more. And they’re going to have offspring that consume more and more. And I want to be on the right side of that trade. I want to be in control. And I hope you do too. And listening to the show. I want to be in control of those assets. They need the universal need for all humans, shelter, right? Let them rent that shelter from you. It’s not just the shelter itself because the commodity is used to create that shelter. They are using so many other things as well. And you just realize, when you when you travel around the world, this was the 79th country I visited that it is a big, big world. And there’s a lot of consumers out there and these consumers are getting richer.

They are creating more wealth. Now. You No, certainly we could look in the United States, we could look at some of the European countries that are a mess. Because guess what, socialism doesn’t work. Imagine that socialism doesn’t work. We look at these places, and we just see that, you know, in most of the world, people are still dramatically rising. They’re climbing very quickly up the economic ladder. And as they do that, they just consume more and more. And this hotel is packed. I mean, you go to breakfast, hear these. We’ve had these buffets for breakfast and lunch. Well, we didn’t have the lunch every day, but the breakfast every day. And I mean, they just fill us up. I’ve eaten more. I feel like I’m on a cruise ship. We’ve eaten so much in this adventure Alliance trip and we’ve felt some good meals. But all these people, there’s so many of them. There are so many people consuming Now there’s a flip side to this consumption problem. And Michael Milken, and Jeremy Siegel pointed it out and I used to talk about it extensively in my seminars. I haven’t been doing that lately. And by the way, of course, our next event is jQ Jason Hartman University live in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 12. Go to Jason and register for that and join us there. But the flip side of this of course, we make money on the side of the trade that is the consumption side, the package commodity side, we finance our package commodities. These are in the form of houses and apartment buildings. And we finance them with three decade long, extremely low, in fact, artificially low fixed rate debt. And then we outsource the debt payment to tenants, our renters pay our debt, we don’t pay our own debts.

And of course we get the most favorable tax treatment of any asset class. And we have the most historically proven asset class in the world. But what is the flip side of this? There’s another whole angle. And that angle is that not only are all of these people rising up around the world, and they are rising up, you know, don’t freak out about the problems with China. I know China’s got some, you know, major issues, believe me, I’m not minimizing them by any extent. But there are so many people, I mean, so many, you know, seven and a half billion people. And as they consume, they create more wealth in the world. They increase the velocity of money, but I still have, I’m still teasing you about the flip side of this trade. And here it is. And I wish I had that article. I used to share myself seminars with me. But Jeremy Siegel and Michael Milken talked about this extensively. And they talk about the looming, get this. Now these people are creating wealth for themselves. It may not seem like a lot of wealth to someone listening in the Western world, who’s a real estate investor who’s one of our clients, who’s you know, they have money, they have resources, maybe not a lot, maybe they’re buying their first property, maybe they’re buying their, you know, 15th property, okay, we’ve got clients all over the spectrum. Or maybe they’re buying, you know, more properties than that. But the thing is, that there are the sheer numbers of these people that if they go from, you know, earning x to y, and I, you know, I can’t even think of a number right now. I’m so tired. But look at look at Cuba opening up, look at all of this stuff that’s happening and all of these new players in the global economy. There is a looming As Jeremy Siegel says, and I believe that and Michael Milken, there is a looming asset shortage, a looming asset shortage.

So the first part of what I talked about was the commodities shortage, right? You know, as, as people consume more, he puts upward price pressure on the commodities. But then as they consume more, they create more wealth in the economy, then I’m talking about the global economy, the world economy. And as they do that, they create more wealth for themselves too. And then they seek assets, because they gotta invest that wealth somewhere. They’ve got to buy some assets as investments. And they’re increasing supply of currency. There increasing supply of, you know, the almighty dollar because that’s the reason reserve currency but all the other currencies too, of course, they’re increasing supply of wealth and whatever form goes out into the world and looks for a place to park and earn an ROI or return on investment. And when it does that, it pushes up the prices of those assets to and that creates an asset shortage in asset shortage. So think about both sides of that trade. Okay. And think about how beautifully positioned we are as real estate investors on both sides of that trade. And, you know, it absolutely amazes me tonight. Our venture Alliance Group, a couple people had to fly back but the rest of us went over to the Burj Al Al Arab. What is theoretically I don’t want to say I’m gonna say theoretically, because they call themselves the own the world’s only seven star hotel. And you know, this is the iconic sail looking building. That is about 29 storeys tall. I believe that that, you know, just as the sort of the icon of Dubai really okay, well, now I guess the Burj Khalifa would be the tallest building in the world at about 1700 feet tall. But the Burj Al Arab, where we had drinks and appetizers tonight, you know, that is said to be the world’s only seven star hotel and resort. And it is amazing.

First of all, that you know, the basic drink, okay, you know, the basic drink from the bar costs $25. Okay, you really don’t get a drink. They’re cheaper than $25 one of our venture Alliance members ordered a beer. And we did the conversion and the beer was $20. Okay. So it is amazing to me. Here’s my point about that. By the way, I did have a point, believe it or not, I know tangent. No, this is not too much of a tangent. It actually has a point. It is amazing to me how many incredibly wealthy people there are in the world, and how the wealthy class keeps growing and growing and growing. I mean, you walk around the Dubai Mall. Oh, here’s one. That’s funny. Yesterday, we’re at the Dubai Mall. And we kind of we’ve had so many activities, and I think we all just were a little bit tired. So we just took a day and kind of hung out and didn’t do much of anything. Yesterday, we, you know, we had lunch, we walked around the mall together. And after lunch, you know, myself and a couple other people wanted some coffee. And so we go up to the funny acting man who’s all dressed up at the info desk in the Dubai. All and we say, you know, can you tell us where a coffee shop is? And he says, Well, we have 55 coffee shops in the Dubai Mall. 55 coffee shops, not one coffee shop. Not one Starbucks. Not one Caribou Coffee, several of them. In fact, with all of the different brands of coffee shop, they had 55 coffee shops in the Dubai Mall.

We are in an era of unbelievable wealth creation. Don’t, don’t get too distracted by these bumps in the economy. And believe me, I will be the first to tell you that there could be another shoe to drop in terms of what’s going on in the economy. I have said that many times. I have said that. I think this recovery is built on smoke and mirrors. I think largely the whole global economy is built on smoke and mirrors. You know, we’ve talked about extensively about derivatives, and all of these things on prior episodes, you know, over 600 episodes, go back and hear all that there. But overall, overall, it is an amazing time to be alive. As I always say it is an amazing time to be alive. And we are in an era that has never ever been seen before in human history of unprecedented wealth creation. And this unprecedented wealth creation creates not one, but two problems for people. It creates upward pressure on the price of consumption, commodities, glass, steel, lumber, labor, concrete, petroleum products, okay, we’re looking at we’re talking about macro trends here, not micro trends, not what the price of Oil is now. Now what the price of copper is, you know, over the last 12 months, big macro trends, okay? And then it creates a second problem after you get past consumption. And of course, we could talk about food and agriculture and all these other things, right? You get the idea. And then the other problem is the other commodity, if you will, is the asset shortage? Where are these assets for people to buy? Where are the assets for people to invest, to get a return on their investment? Why does it always feel it really always feels this way, in my own business that you know, where we run this referral network and we have thousands of clients who are buying properties all over the nation all over the US. And of course, we’ve looked at overseas international stuff can never make it work, boy, you know, investing in Dubai talk about a speculative, you know, Miami and Southern California in Northern California. You know, Boston, New York, Washington DC type investment. I mean, you know, the numbers just would never work here. I don’t even come close to working. But where are the assets for these people to buy? It always feels like in my business that we just never have enough good inventory. It always feels like there’s a shortage. As our clients come to us, and they have a plan, they have goals, they want to buy their first dozen properties and get that portfolio started. Then they want to buy another dozen and another dozen and another dozen.

And, you know, we can’t, we can’t execute on this fast enough for a lot of them. We just don’t have enough inventory. There’s always seems to be this inventory. shortage. And that is an example of what Michael Milken and Jeremy Siegel, were talking about in this article that I used to share and I must find in my seminars, years ago, I used to talk about this, the looming asset shortage, the looming asset shortage. So give that awesome thought. A couple quick things. Of course, the event coming up March 12, we’d love to have you join us. For Jason Hartman University live, this is a great event. It’s only the second time we’ve done it. It’s a new event, where we really go in and by the way, we’ve made this course more challenging than the first time because you know, we thought it was a little too easy. Where you do the math, you analyze investments, you build your own portfolio, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 12. Go to Jason and check that out. Also, several of you have purchased our meet the Masters online course where We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on and that’s at Hartman education Comm. So just my name Hartman, h AR t ma n education comm you can purchase that there, the videos and you can download the audio. So you can listen to it mobile and watch the video. Check that out at Hartman education Comm. I think you’ll enjoy it. And it is in election year. So we must, we must talk about something that has massive influence over our investment decisions. We must talk about something that has massive influence over the economy over all of the financial decisions we need to make in our personal financial lives. And that is, yes, politics, politics, politics, politics, huge impact on the economy. So we will be doing a few shows As this election year heats up on some political issues, and this is one of them.

So listen in, let’s go to our guest, Newsweek columnist, New York Times Magazine columnist, I think you’ll enjoy what he has to say. And we’ll get a little political. So if you don’t like politics, you know, please try and listen, and pay attention because it does really, really matter in so many so many ways. We got a lot of other great episodes coming up, where we’ve got a lot of great real estate, and investing and economic topics to talk about. So here’s our guest, and let’s dive in.

It’s my pleasure to welcome Edward Klein. He is the former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine. He’s contributor to Vanity Fair and parade. Author of the number one New York Times best selling books, the amateur Barack Obama in the White House, the truth about Hillary what she knew When she knew it, and how far she’ll go to become president, and the new books, unlikable the problem with Hillary and blood feud, the Clintons versus the Obamas. Ed, welcome. How are you?

Edward Klein 21:11
It’s great to be with you, Jason. Thank you so much for having me.

Jason Hartman 21:15
Yeah, my pleasure. My pleasure. So, I mean, it just startles and amazes me constantly, that Hillary Clinton has the prominence she does. I mean, what do you say about this?

Edward Klein 21:30
Well, it is astonishing, given the fact it’s 60% of the American public when asked by opinion polls say that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy. And about the same percentage when asked what word comes to mind when you hear the name Hillary Clinton 60%, almost 60% say, liar. So here we have a untrustworthy liar. Who is likely to get the Democratic presidential nomination had bottles It really does. I mean, she’s got this this rap sheet I’ll call it of just crime after crime after crime and I don’t know if I can technically call those a crime because she hasn’t even been convicted. But I guess when you’re in the elite halls of power, you’re exempt from the law. It’s mind boggling to me it really is me too, and a lot of other people but then you have the the base of the Democratic Party and you they poll the Democrats, pollsters do and they find that you know, she’s wildly popular among Democrats and you try to talk to Democrats, your democratic friends. If you have any, I have some I have several. And, and and you can’t get rid of them. They you know, they simply will not listen about Hillary, say believe that your if you criticize her, you’re simply either a you hate women, which is absurd, or you are blind To all her wonderful qualities, which is equally absurd, because given the fact that she spent eight years as co president with Bill Clinton when she was first lady, eight more years in the senate at 16 years, four more years of Secretary of State now we’re 20 years 20 years at the heights of national power and when asked recently by a television interviewer, name your most important achievements, she couldn’t come up with a single one.

Jason Hartman 23:36
Amazing. Just just amazing. From whitewater to Ben Ghazi to I mean, there are so many. What would you like to people to know?

Edward Klein 23:45
Well, I think the interesting question hanging over Hillary Clinton right now is given the FBI investigation of her emails on her unsecure email system and email domain that she had buried in the basement of her home in Chappaqua, New York. Will she be indicted? Will the people around her like whom Abbott and others be indicted by the Justice Department? Will the President of the United States as a Democrat, sit by and let the leading Democratic candidate for his successor be indicted? Or will he interfere? There are a lot of questions and I personally believe that the director of the FBI, the current director, whose name is James Comey, is known throughout Washington as a straight hour, a guy who cannot be pushed around and intimidated. And he’ll do as a director of the FBI an honest, complete, thorough job of investigating Hillary’s use of this private email server and whether or not national security documents were passed through that server and in violation of federal law. Then of course, the question is when and if he refers up to the attorney general who was appointed by Obama, will, the Attorney General and or Barack Obama into fear? And my guess is that they will not? Because if they do it, there are sure to be leaks from the FBI and the Justice Department that they weren’t they did interfere. It would be a huge scandal because it would be an obstruction of justice. And I don’t think the President is going to take that risk. It’s nearly an impeachable risk. And I don’t think I don’t think that’s going to happen. It’s really something else. I mean, they call Bill Clinton in his day, the Teflon president, but I think maybe Hillary is even more Teflon. Well, we’ll see. If she is I mean, she certainly has been very stupid and self destructive in using this email system that she did, because how she imagined she was going to get away with that forever and ever. I have no idea. It’s almost as though and now we’re getting into a little bit of psychobabble here, but it’s almost as though she wanted to be caught. It’s almost as though she does things like turn $1,000 in cattle futures into $100,000 overnight, which she did when she was in Arkansas, or travel gate or any gate you want to mention. And then this email server every time you know she is caught each time but then she somehow will wiggle out of it or at least up to now she has. But I think the American public is aware of all this.

Jason Hartman 26:48
Yeah, you know what’s interesting, though, is that maybe and this is maybe even far fetched, but I it just came to mind when you said this. Maybe intentionally getting Caught for these small things and getting the media to cover them as a wagging the dog concept, because maybe there’s bigger stuff that she’s distracting us from, you know, these are potentially could be considered, you know, relatively small offenses. I don’t know, the email thing. I mean, you know, there’s waste a bunch of time resources and focus on on these different things. And maybe we’re not paying attention to something else that’s much bigger. And

Edward Klein 27:27
well, let’s talk about something else. Let me give you an example of exactly what you are referring to. While we’re all concentrating on this and other things that bill clinton’s abusive women and so forth. No one is paying any attention to what happened while she was Secretary of State. And she was dealing with foreign governments and foreign businessmen who were simultaneously donating to the Clinton Foundation. So there was a comment like huge conflict of interest. So for instance, she approved the sale of 20% of uranium production in the United States to Russia, to Vladimir Putin. And right after that Bill Clinton was invited to a Moscow where he was paid half a million dollars to give a speech. Now, all of this stuff is not being covered today because we’re diverted, as you said, but the the huge corruption while she was Secretary of State, and I go into this in my new book, unlikable the problem with Hillary I have in a one chapter very interesting chapter three eyewitnesses to Hillary actually participating in Clinton Foundation business at the State Department while she was Secretary of State. This is certainly unethical. It’s not totally illegal.

Jason Hartman 29:01
Yeah. Unbelievable. It’s just unbelievable. I mean, how does someone like this get to be the favorite? I mean, is it the the powers that be that really want run the world? You know, putting her in as the puppet. As at the Bilderberg Group? I don’t know. It’s crazy. It’s like this stuff is just so obvious that this is not a credible person with any degree of integrity yet. She’s the likely candidate.

Edward Klein 29:26
Well, you know, one of the things I write in this new book unlikable is that if Hillary Rodham hadn’t met William Jefferson Clinton at law school and married them, we would never have heard of Hillary Rodham it because of her connection to Bill Clinton, that she rode on his back to the prominence that she did.

Jason Hartman 29:51
something else something else, you don’t think Bernie is going to be the guy mean? I mean, it’s like

Edward Klein 29:57
Bernie’s putting up a hell of a fight. I must say. I give A lot of credit, I don’t agree with anything that he says. But I must say you do believe he believes what he says that he’s authentic, that he’s that he that this is the true guy. Whereas when Hillary talks, you say, you know this, you really believe any of this. You always have a feeling that she’s hiding something that she doesn’t mean what she says. Bernie is a, you know, a real authentic character. And I think.

Jason Hartman 30:26
I agree with you. I think, you know, I think you’ve got a criminal and a communist, basically running very well.

Edward Klein 30:31
Yes, you do. Yeah. And I think I think he’s going to give her a real run for her money in Iowa, New Hampshire, and probably maybe even South Carolina, although everybody says because there’s a very heavy African American vote in South Carolina for the Democrats, and that Hillary and the Clintons have the African American vote in their back pocket that Bernie is not going to do very well. They’re Well, we’ll see. We’ll see.

Jason Hartman 30:56
Yeah, and something else. What else would you like people to know? I mean, I know we’re somewhat limited on time. So I just want to make sure you get out any information.

Edward Klein 31:04
But one of the last things I think we should discuss, Jason is her health. There was a story recently in a prominent newspaper saying that she was a happy warrior on the campaign trail, and was enjoying every moment of it and was big and invigorated and never in better shape. My sources and I’m, you know, I’m reporting every single day. Tell me quite the opposite, that she has to take rests in between her appearances that she takes naps that she’s traveling with a full time physician who’s keeping an eye on her. They’re concerned about more blood clots which she’s had in the past. They’re concerned that she might faint again, and she has been woozy at times. I’m told that there’s trembling in her hands. She’s afflicted with insomnia, they’re all kinds of things that we haven’t heard about yet, about Hillary’s health. And I’m not a physician. I cannot say that her medical condition is so serious that it bars her from becoming president. I don’t know if that’s the case, but I do know that the story they’re putting out about how this 68 year old woman is in great shape is simply not true.

Jason Hartman 32:30
You you’ve written a lot about Obama. Can you speak a little more on on Obama before you go this executives, this, this power grab on the executive branch concerns me greatly, you know, now he’s, he’s crying over gun control, of course. And does he think he’s exempt from the three branches of our government from going to Congress? So yeah, this is mind boggling.

Edward Klein 32:53
You know, when when the jihadists attacked that, Charlie Hebdo that’s this A newspaper in Paris about a year or so ago, all the prime ministers and heads of state went to Paris to show their solidarity with the French, not Barack Obama. Brock Obama was missing conspicuously missing. He cries over gun control, but he doesn’t cry over the attacks by Islamic extremists who are beheading Britain, British people, French people, Italian people, all kinds of Westerners who are fomenting insurrection here in this country. He doesn’t shed a tear about that. He’s worried about climate change and gun control. Well, it’s that the world is spinning out of control.

Jason Hartman 33:44
Yeah, yeah. It’s something else. It really is. It’s it’s just amazing that we, I guess, we get the government we’re willing to tolerate you know, it’s, it’s our own fault as as a public it really, really is something else. Well give out your website and tell people where they can find you and find your books.

Edward Klein 34:00
Yes, I hope that people will check check me out on Edward Klein calm. That’s ke l vi n Edward Klein comm where they can find all my blogs I blog every week. And I have something called Ed client confidential which they can sign up for. It’s it’s a weekly news break. And of course they can buy at a great discount my new book called unlikable. The problem with Hillary.

Jason Hartman 34:27
Fantastic. Hey, Ed, it would be remiss if I didn’t ask you about Trump, and maybe who’s more polarizing Hillary or Trump, but just a final quick word on him before you go.

Edward Klein 34:38
I think Donald has been the guy who’s proven every pundit in America wrong because the unite people in the United States are in a position of homeless insurrection against the establishment and Donald represents that insurrection because we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired with these people in wash. Who don’t know what they’re doing and they’re not listening to the American public, this whole country has been going down the tubes for too long. And Donald represents an effort on the part of a lot of people to save us from ourselves.

Jason Hartman 35:15
Right. Yeah. Very interesting. It’s going to be a very interesting election year. That’s for sure. And Klein, thank you so much for joining us.

Edward Klein 35:22
My pleasure. Jason. Thank you so much.

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Really. Now how is that possible at all?

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Announcer 35:57
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