Example SavingsSavings Cash Money Mkt.Stocks and Mutual FundsBondsExample Uninvested Real Estate EquityUninvested Real Estate EquityOther
Tax Rate(assume 40% tax rate for ease of round # or other as you wish)40%%%%0%%%
Subtract Taxes(ROI x Tax Rate)2%   0%  
Sub-Total ROI Percent(ROI - taxes)3%   0%  
Sub-Total ROI Amount(ROI - taxes)$3,000   $0  
Net ROI(ROI after taxes and inflation)(-2%)   (-5%)  
Net Annual Gain/(Loss)(-$2,000)   (-$10,000)  
Net Annual Gain/(Loss)
After 10 Years
(-$18,293)   (-$80,253)  

* We believe prudent income properties, that make sense the day you buy them, are the very best investment in America today; however, we do not like dormant (sleepy/lazy) equity tied up in properties. We believe that you as a person should have more equity than your properties. Listen to our FREE CD, podcast and attend our educational events or contact us for details. Happy investing!