Free WordPress Real Estate Template

Below you will find a completely free template released for the open-source WordPress platform. This theme was sponsored and developed in part by Jason Hartman as a favor to the online community, especially WordPress, who we have benefited so greatly from! We also want to thank our friends over at UXDE Magazine who helped design and distribute this fantastic theme. Some features include:

  •  easily post live property listings in your area (perfect for real estate agents)
  •  mention property listings data via custom fields (footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, etc)
  •  Google maps API support to display location map on each property listing page
  • unlimited photos uploaded to each property listing with large resolution viewing/scrolling
  • homepage slideshow of your recent property listings with beautiful image graphics
  •  agent or agency biography with photo easily updated on the right sidebar
  • support for newsletter sign-ups to keep visitors and buyers informed
  • support for company or agent blog to post various articles and updates
  •  gorgeous custom graphics and CSS work done by UXDE Magazine Team