Property managers giving you headaches?

Property managers.

Love them or hate them, you’re going to have to deal with them when you’re doing real estate investing.

Most real estate investors wind up hating their property managers.

And I don’t blame them for it. 

From my experience, a good deal of real estate managers are pretty lazy. They either take shortcuts instead of finding durable solutions to problems or cause you have to have long vacancies in your properties because they are not on top of things. 

Some are also shifty in nature. They’re always trying to find ways to squeeze every cent out of you. On a number of occasions, these property managers will overcharge you for repairs, stick you with unnecessary maintenance charges, or even charge you too much for monthly management.

A property manager that doesn’t do his homework is not only a nuisance but can give you significant financial problems. 

Flat-out negligence on your property manager’s end is most apparent when your tenants aren’t screened properly. This results in you having to put up with awful tenants who can land you in all sorts of problems — from lawsuits to missed rental payments.

To make matters worse, sloppy property managers will also ignore your calls when you try to hold them accountable….

….. a mess all around.

Repeatedly putting up with these headaches eventually begins to take its toll on you. The fees, the hassle, the time lost putting out fires… it accumulates.  Your property manager woes are on clear display as your monthly fees grow after each passing month. 

This predicament leaves you restless. You lay in bed endlessly questioning your initial decision to get involved in real estate.

You ask yourself, “Was it worth it?” 

This scenario is all-too familiar for people who are knee-deep in business ventures. It’s natural for people to second-guess themselves and reconsider their decision to enter a given business project when they face adversity. 

However, it would be totally rash to just give up on real estate investment. Especially, when the Empowered Investor Inner Circle is available for all income property investors.

In the real estate game, what most people lack is access

And by access, I’m referring to tools and networks that will make your income property investing experience so much easier.

For example, the Empowered Investor Inner Circle will grant you access to the following features that will your real estate journey so much more enjoyable:

  • Access to a multitude of other successful investors working in your market.
  • Access to verified lists of the most proven roofers and painters who work with investors in your market.
  • Access to a top-tier team of income property investors who have been there and done it.
  • Access to Jason Hartman’s network of associates, entrepreneurs, and investors who have game-changing insights to share.
  • Access to cutting edge real estate software that will go a long way in helping manage your properties, track cashflow more closely, and allow you to keep better tabs on your property managers. 

You can kiss the days of relying on sloppy property managers goodbye.

To sweeten the deal, you’ll receive the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: ONE year access to the Empowered Investor Inner Circle and then just $97/month for here one.

Your initial  investment of $1298 will grant you access to the Empowered Investor Inner circle for an entire year! 

Here are some of the perks: 

  • Full access to Empowered Investor Inner Circle Community
  • Monthly calls 
  •  1-on-1 support with our Investment Counselors for a full 365 days! Restart 

Jason is VERY active in the group. So, you’ll receive answers to your most pressing questions from him or from our many members who have years of experience in the real estate trenches! 

 Bonus #2: Unlimited Access to Property Tracker ($397 value per year)

 Property Tracker is an easy-to-use, online tool designed to help you manage your Real Estate Investments.

This tool will allow you to enter all of your properties in an easy method and measure how they perform! 

There’s no need to give up on real estate investing when the Empowered Investor Community is here to help.

The Empowered Investor is your ticket to financial prosperity. 

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