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Advanced Investment Opportunities for Investors Ready to Step Up to the Next Level

Venture Alliance: Your Network of Financial Friends

The Venture Alliance is a network of high net worth, elite investors, business owners and entrepreneurs who have joined together for enhanced investments that are not available to the general public.

Past Events

It used to be that the who's-who of business and entertainment all clamored to join the latest Country Club. Often housed at a golf course, many members didn't even golf! So why did they join? What was so enticing that these successful men and women would plunk down upwards of $250,000 per YEAR just to belong.

Simply put: The Network.

Only the best-of-the-best were permitted to join, so once you were in you had direct access to titans of business, technology, commerce and finance. One new relationship could easily result in a deal worth 10X your membership dues.

Now days, Country Clubs are fairly passé. They've been replaced by a more evolved organization known as the "Mastermind."

The Venture Alliance is just that… a mastermind. Yet, we are so much more. While you certainly do rub elbows with the elite and successful, we've discovered that the best relationships are created around shared experiences.

We gather in person four times a year at many of the world's most luxurious, exotic locations. There, we share experiences of a lifetime. And we also do deals. You see, due to the success of many of our members, many, many investment opportunities are made available.

These are deals that will never be made available to the general public. These are also deals too big for one investor to take on alone. Together, we analyze cash flow and the potential of each deal. When we discover a winner, we partner together and buy it.

The Venture Alliance Mastermind was created solely for the purpose of expanding, increasing, and magnifying wealth for community partnership. We do four Venture Alliance weekends per year and we cover all costs of the events, fine dining and unique experiences. Just take care of your hotel and travel expenses.

Did you attend an event as a paid, one time guest? Do you want the full benefits of an annual membership? Use THIS LINK to upgrade to a full Venture Alliance member.

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