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Product Description

Are you interested in a property outside of our network? Need a second opinion? No problem, let our experts evaluate the deal.

Deal Evaluator was created because our clients demanded it. Where do you go when you’re interested in an investment property outside our network but want a second opinion? It’s as simple as ordering online. Put our decades of experience and proven track record to work for less than the cost of a good steak dinner. After evaluating and executing millions of dollars worth of real estate transactions, we know what makes a deal work, what causes it to fall apart and, more importantly, can see a red flag coming from a mile away.

We call it a “quickie” evaluation because we’ll get back to you with our honest opinion by the next business day but, in our opinion, at a price of $50 this is the best value in the real estate industry today. What’s the going rate for peace of mind? Our experts can quickly identify trouble areas and determine the inherent risk in a deal.

  1. Is it logical from our unique Area Agnostic™ point of view?
  2. Does it violate any of the 10 Commandments of Successful Investing™?
  3. Does it make financial sense from Day One?
  4. Is the deal structured right?

We’ll tell you up front that Deal Evaluator is not the most exhaustive analysis on the planet. It’s an unbiased second opinion from proven experts who make money doing real estate investment deals every day. A property transaction is probably the largest chunk of change you’ll spend this year. Do you try your own court cases without a lawyer or break out the knives to perform your own appendectomy? We sincerely hope not. Likewise, don’t blow up your property portfolio with a costly mistake that could have been easily avoided. Deal Evaluator allows you to hire a trained real estate professional at a discount price.

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