2017 Looks Bright for Job Seekers2017 Looks Bright for Job Seekers … So Far

Granted, it’s a bit early to know for sure, but it looks as if 2017 may be shaping up to be a stellar year for finding a new job. LinkedIn’s recently released March Workforce Report says January and February were the strongest consecutive months for hiring since August and September 2015, perhaps yet another indicator that the economy is on the rise under a Republican administration.

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Creating Wealth 826: Global Macro & Middle East Investments, Stray Reflections, featuring Jawad Mian

If you are using microeconomics to plan for your future you may be ready to sell your assets and buy a “Preppers guide to self-sustainability”.

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Keep Rent Control a State Issue

Keep Rent Control a State Rather Than Local Issue, Says FEE

Some local municipalities in the United States seek rent-control policies over property owners as a way to please their residents…

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Creating Wealth 824: Interest Rates, Low Housing Supply, and More, featuring Patrick Donohoe

Together, Jason and Pat analyze a Wall Street Journal article which addresses lower mortgage rates and how the lower rates may affect the already ‘hot’ real estate market…

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Numbers of Smaller Apartment Buildings Keep Tumbling

Number of Smaller Apartment Buildings Keeps Tumbling, Bemoaned

Apartment buildings that offer between two and nine units offer the lowest prices available to U.S. renters, but the country keeps trending…

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