Why do people choose to invest? Whether in real estate or the riskier world of stocks and bonds, the goal for most hopeful investors is to gain control over their financial future rather than leaving their survival and that of their families up to the vagaries of the workplace. And keeping control of all parts of the investment process is at the heart of Jason Hartman’s strategies for investing.

The world of investing is an unfamiliar one for many people, especially small investors whose goal is simply to create income for retirement or provide for loved ones. Images of manic stock exchanges and financial advisers with sleek suits and oily voices create the stereotypes that make investing seem intimidating and also somewhat less than honest. And stories of bad investments made on poor advice appear with disturbing frequency in the news.

Jason Hartman’s 10 Commandments for Successful Investing aims to change that picture by putting you, the investor, in control of the process. The first commandment in taking charge of your investment future is “thou shalt become educated.” Start by learning everything possible about the kind of investment you want to make. And while commandments Two and Three seem somewhat contradictory, they work together as the next step in the process of establishing your financial independence through investing.

“Thou shalt hire a professional investment counselor,” says the Second Commandment. But, “Thou shalt maintain control,” follows the Third. But if you’ve done your homework and educated yourself, these things lay the groundwork for a satisfying investment venture. It’s essential to find a qualified investment advisor to work with for the long term – someone you trust with experience in the type of investment you want to make. As Jason Hartman points out, this advisor needs to be an individual, not a brokerage house, or a corporation where your investments are passed through the hands of different counselors who may or may not be competent or scrupulous.

That’s where the First and Third Commandments come in. To find the best investment counselor for your goals, you need to know what to look for. Educating yourself about all aspects of the kind of investing you want to do gives you the knowledge and power to weed out the unethical and downright incompetent financial advisors eager to take your money. You’ll be able to ask the right questions, evaluate responses and find the person who’s right for you.

That leads to the third of the 10 commandments – maintaining control, the core concept that drives Jason Hartman’s investing philosophies. By working with a single investment counselor in a long-term relationship, you have only one point of contact to coordinate your entire investing plan. This individual becomes your trusted assistant, able to carry out your directives competently and professionally.

Investing in rental real estate is a way to create an independent financial future. And as Jason Hartman advises, the key to that independence is taking charge of the process at every step – including finding qualified expert advice.

The Jason Hartman Team

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