Interested in achieving financial independence through income property investment, and want to learn more? Are you the type of person who prefers more personalized education than a seminar or podcast can offer? Then Jason Hartman’s Private Market Investment Tour might be for you.

This is more than just the average tour. Receive one-on-one education from our real estate investment expert Jason Hartman himself. Choose your own location and take advantage of Jason’s undivided attention and nearly limitless investment knowledge for an entire weekend. Learn from the man himself how you can create the same wealth he has.

On this tour, you’ll receive:

  • A tour of the market of your choice.
  • Two nights stay in an upscale hotel.
  • Paid transportation throughout the tour.
  • Four meals, paid for by Jason.
  • Small, one-on-one setting.
  • Individualized education from Jason Hartman and one of our local market specialists.

The private tour is different from a group property tour. Jason Hartman acts as your personal guide to the market of your choice. You’ll be shown exactly where the best income properties available are located in that area.

No need to worry about competing with other students to have any of your questions answered. Enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity for personal interaction with Jason Hartman and a local market specialist to get to know the best properties in the area and top methods to create a successful income property investment.

The entire weekend, Jason will take you on an exhaustive tour of properties in the area with potential to be good investments. This means that if you have the money, you could make an investment directly on the tour, with Jason at your side to help you make the most beneficial choices.

No matter how you choose to break into real estate investment, you’re going to have to spend money. So why not spend said money finding some of the best properties to invest in, and gain a strong advantage over other investors on the market? Once you add up the cost of travel, meals, and a stay at an upscale hotel, you’ll realize that you’re only paying a small price for a one of a kind education.

For $1,497 you can give it all a try to make investments on some of the best properties available on the market. If you’re interested, give the Private Market Investment Tour a visit to make the first step in creating wealth for the future.

The Jason Hartman Team

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Private Local Investment Market Tour

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