Are you ready to leave your day job? You probably have a friend of a friend who retired early and spends her days repairing her boats, or you have a stack of books and bookmarked articles that you’ll read “when you get time.” Every time you see a headline encouraging you to invest in passive income ideas, you have to admit that you’re tempted. But while some (okay, most) of these passive income ideas seem too good to be true, you can’t help but wonder: could they work for me? Wonder no more. We’re here to help.

What Are the Most Popular Passive Income Ideas?

Passive income is exactly what it sounds like: you continue making money after the work is done (or with very little work at all). In some situations, you’ll do some work up front and then sit back and relax while your money multiplies. Other passive income ideas involve setting up a program or making an investment to do all of the actual labor while you wait for a paycheck.

Passive Income Through Real Estate: Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate is one of the most popular passive income ideas, and it can be so much more than renting your property or flipping houses. There are several ways that you can turn your real estate into passive income, and Jason Hartman is prepared to help you with all of them. Buying stock in a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is one of the simplest ways you can use real estate to make you money; a REIT is essentially a mutual fund through a company that makes money through real estate. Even if you don’t own property yourself, you can use a REIT to take advantage of real estate moneymaking.

Passive Income Through Real Estate: Crowdfunded Real Estate Websites

When most people think of using real estate to make money, their minds automatically picture a run-down apartment complex with broken-down heating units, unruly tenants, and more work than a standard 9-5 job. By using a crowdfunded real estate site, you can reap all of the monetary benefits of a landlord or rental property owner with none of the hands-on work. Because there is a vast array of crowdfunded real estate websites, some requiring no more than $500 while others require you to be an accredited investor and have a net worth of over $1,000,000, it is even more important to have a professional on your side. With Jason Hartman and his team by your side, you be getting the best deal in crowdfunded real estate and really making your money work for you.

Passive Income Through Real Estate: Rental Properties

While you might not be interested in flipping houses, renting out a room, or listing your vacation home on Airbnb, there are still ways to make money via rental properties. Many websites appraise and certify single-family homes, giving you (the potential investor) a complete picture of the property you hope to buy and turn into even more money. With help from these types of online real estate marketplaces and Jason Hartman, you can soon be well on your way to implementing your passive income ideas through real estate and living the life of your dreams.

How Can Jason Hartman Help You Build Your Passive Income?

Whether you’re completely on board with one or all of the previously listed passive income ideas or just starting to think seriously about what passive income ideas might work for you, Jason Hartman can help. Simply log on to the website,, and with a couple of quick clicks you’ll be on your way to complete financial freedom.