It’s hard to talk about internet marketing strategies today without running into the concept of social media (SM). You know the usual suspects – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. But simply opening a half dozen SM accounts and throwing content at it is not the way to go. Social media can be very effective – WHEN USED PROPERLY!

Sorry to shout. It’s just that there are so many poor examples of social media in action. Make your effort one of the good ones.

1. Make it easy and safe for your audience to participate. Yes, content matters but so does personality, especially when it comes to building a social media brand. Don’t be dull. No one will want to read your stuff. Don’t be intimidating. People will be afraid to interact. If they don’t interact, your social media is a waste of time.

2. Publish amazing, share-worthy content. This should go without saying. No one can meet the standard of cranking out awe-inspiring content all the time, but the more you do, the more people will share it and that’s how you notice your brand taking off.

3. Recognize your audience. If someone walked up and said “hi” to you at a networking event, would you ignore them? If so, you’re in the wrong business. Some very successful internet marketers make it a point to respond to every tweet, comment, or email directed to them. Use social media to its full extent by acknowledging your audience. They cared enough to write. Answer them!

The secret to social media success as an internet marketer is to not get caught up in the beginning with making sales. Building relationships comes first. A brick and mortar retail store knows not every customer that walks in the door will leave having made a purchase. But give them a quality experience and you can bet they will be back with an open wallet at some point in the future.

The Creating Wealth Team