How having the right connections could save your life

Imagine running your own business.

You’re finally on sound financial footing and have newfound liberties to maximize your return on life.

This is the dream for many Americans who pursue true economic independence and security. It’s the Holy Grail of financial accomplishments.

You’re blessed to have reached such a point, but you still desire more out of life.

You keep pushing yourself and growing your enterprise. Ultimately, you want to leave a legacy behind that future generations will remember.

Sadly, the road to greatness comes with numerous obstacles. Some of these roadblocks consist of those who want to stifle your progress.

Namely, petty bureaucrats and politicians.

These people’s whole purpose in life is to ruin the dreams of America’s most productive, while claiming to serve the “public interest.”

Unfortunately, in your case, the business you run is in a field that is heavily regulated. One day you get a letter in the mail from the state government….

Apparently, your business was not in compliance with the maze of arbitrary regulations that businesses in your state are subjected to.

For that, you were slapped with some big fines. And by big, we’re talking about fines that could put your business on the ropes and could also land you in prison…..

You ran the numbers and it dawned on you that the fines could bankrupt your operation.

For the next hour or so you panicked. It was becoming clear you were in a life-or-death scenario with regards to your business.

But then, an epiphany struck you. In your Rolodex of contacts, was a lawyer who specializes in defending businesses of all sizes from government abuse.

All the networking and mingling with legal big wigs over the course of your career would now come in handy.

You called the lawyer, and in no time, you were able to get your problem sorted out. Your fines were substantially reduced, and your business was able to chug along just fine.

Nevertheless, this entire ordeal was annoying and net drag in terms of time and money. Ideally, you would be working 100% on your business and not be bogged down by bureaucratic rigmarole.

Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world. On top of that, you’re lucky. Many other businesses aren’t blessed to have the same contacts who can get them out of sticky situations.

More often than not, they’re up a creek without a paddle when confronting the state. In worst case scenarios, they’re forced to close their doors permanently after all the compliance costs and legal fees pile up.

This are the many risks associated with doing business in certain states in the US. And you should be prepared for them.

The good news is that there’s a way to beat these regulations.

When you understand the power of “the who”, you will not have to worry about getting put out of business or behind bars thanks to busybody bureaucrats and politicians.

You’re probably scratching your head wondering “what is ‘the who’?”

“The who” refers to your network of high-level contacts who will help you grow your wealth, health, and connections.

These people can come in clutch in times of need. Trust me, you will find yourself in a pickle in some shape or form if you get knee-deep in the entrepreneur game.

To be blunt, all the skills in the world won’t save you from the inevitable political chicanery that comes with the territory of entrepreneurship.

You’ll need to have people in your network who know the legal and political game inside and out.

Robert Barnes, pro-liberty lawyer extraordinaire, is one of those people who embodies “the who.”

He’s a top-tier lawyer who has helped all sorts of well-collected people.

Among his high-profile clients include actor Wesley Snipes and Alex Jones.

He knows how the system works and how it harms America’s most productive individuals.

Robert will be one of the main speakers at the inaugural retreat for The Collective Mastermind taking place in Scottsdale, Arizona from November 5 to November 7.

This isn’t your normal mastermind group. The Collective is the cutting edge of private social clubs.

What separates the Collective Mastermind from the rest of the pack is “the who.”

If you’re accepted into our elite social club, you’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to mingle with our high value network of entrepreneurs, celebrities, economists, politicians, and investors.

Robert Barnes is just one of those people you’ll get the chance to listen to and interact with at our first retreat.

Just look at some of the other big names who will be in attendance.

Yours truly, Jason Hartman: As a real estate investor, I’ve conducted thousands of real estate deals and have owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. I am host of the Creating Wealth Podcast.

George Gammon: Real estate investor and entrepreneur. George has remodeled and flipped 40+ properties worldwide and I currently manage a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio and run one of the fastest growing free-market channels on YouTube.

Ken McElroy: Real estate investor who has generated over $750 million in real estate investments. He shares his wisdom at his YouTube channel and as the Real Estate Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki of The Rich Dad Company.

Robert Kiyosaki: The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 personal finance book of all time and one of the greatest voices for financial autonomy.

Mark Victor Hansen: Famed author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series that has sold over 500 million copies worldwide.

Kari Lake: Former anchor for Fox 10 News in Phoenix and current candidate for Governor of Arizona.

Michael Waltrip: Former professional stock car racing driver, racing commentator, and published author. Waltrip is a two-time winner of the Daytona 500.

Chris Martenson: Cornell University MBA, Duke University PHD in Pathology/Toxicology and CEO/Sole Owner of Peak Prosperity.

As you can see, this event will have plenty of the “who” and then some.

But this retreat is only the beginning.

​​Michelin star tasting and cuisines.

Week-long vacations with world-famous economists, elite venture capitalists, real estate titans, visionary CEOs, and tech millionaires you’ll be proud to call your friends.

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To Your Wealth,

Jason Hartman