Not a day goes by that mainstream media outlets neglect to report on a technology startup that closed millions of dollars in VC funding. While it’s interesting to hear the stories behind these businesses, there are very few takeaways of value for a real estate investor that doesn’t play by Wall Street’s rules: one reason Jason Hartman created an investing in real estate podcast.

Wherever you are on your real estate investment journey, there’s a podcast that can help you hone your mindset and sharpen your skills:

Investing in Real Estate Podcast

Economy and Markets

The Great Inflation Payoff

Episode 18
In this episode, Jason discusses the two ways that prudent real estate investors can actually benefit from inflation by using leverage to maximize returns and reduce risk. Jason also speaks to area manager and investment counselor Lynda Mulley, who speaks about the opportunities in Kansas City and Grand Junction.

Mid-Year Update Radio Interview

Episode 56
In this podcast, Jason is a guest on the Al Rantel Show on KABC in Los Angeles and talks about inflation, “liar loans,” and the current recession.

An Interview With Harry Dent

Episode 75
Listen in on Jason’s interview with financial newsletter writer and New York Times bestselling author Harry Dent as they discuss the hidden opportunities you can uncover by using demographic trends.

Finance and Banking

A Mini Portfolio Makeover

Episode 34
In this episode, Jason provides a real-world example of how he would makeover the portfolio of a real estate investor who owns property in Southern California and shares his thoughts on empire building. He is joined by Lynda Mulley who brings the most common questions that she gets from real estate investors.

Why Trump and Hartman Love Debt, and You Should Too!

Episode 42
This episode will reposition the way you think about debt. Jason discusses the good and bad features of debt, how prudently leveraging borrowed money can accelerate wealth create and reduce risk, and gives a different perspective on the “troubles” of Donald Trump’s business during the 90s.

The Seeds of Success and Fending off an IRS Attack

Episode 43
Jason shares the story of one of his personal inspirations, Og Mandino, shares tax advice from CPA Peter DeGregori, and speaks to English investor Richard Lillycrop about why he invests in American real estate.

Real Estate Investing

Reducing Investment Risk

Episode 19
Jason presents innovative new thinking on real estate investing with The Hartman Risk Evaluator™, which can virtually eliminate, or at least dramatically reduce, downside risk based on land to development ratio.

The Three Dimensions of Real Estate Investing

Episode 24
In this episode, Jason talks about the three dimensions of real estate investing and how, unlike stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and commodities (such as precious metals, like gold and silver), real estate is a multi-dimensional asset class.

US vs International Markets

Episode 46
Join Jason as he discusses how he approaches the concept of geopolitics and how it influences his real estate investing strategy.

The Free Lunch Metric and Income Property

Episode 89
Hear from David Porter about how he uses the “free lunch” metric to evaluate an investment property, as well as a discussion on global trade, container shipping, and packaged commodities investing.

Business Best Practices

Thou Shalt Maintain Control

Episode 41
Jason explores the benefits of being a direct investor and the problems that arise from group investing (pooling money and going into other people’s deals), a common practice done with large REIT’s.

Getting Paid to Borrow

Episode 57
This episode begins with Jason talking about how you can profit from borrowing prudently; after, he discusses inflation and rising food prices.

For more podcasts that can help you succeed in your real estate ventures, tune in to the Creating Wealth investing real estate podcast with Jason Hartman. Jason hits the issues no one else will touch and can help you make smart decisions about your investment future.