Real estate can make the perfect investment for strategically diversifying a portfolio. If you’re not already hooked up with the best real estate podcasts, you’re missing out on important information about 2019’s real estate investment trends. Here’s what you need to know to catch up:

Millennials Will Change Everything: Again

Millennials have been defying expectations since they were born, breaking all the rules and forcing everyone to re-evaluate. In 2019 they’re driving real estate investment trends in a big way; but this time by becoming conventional.

While they have a reputation as renters, as Millennials age they find themselves valuing the same things previous generations valued: like a home of their own. This means real estate investors may have to change their understanding of rental practices and the popularity of renting in areas heavily populated with this people in this demographic.

Mortgage Rates May Go Up Soon

In general, mortgage rates have been holding steady in 2018, but professionals watching the market are expecting a jump in 2020. Things can always change, meaning it’s smart to keep on top of trends with the best real estate podcasts: but if things go as predicted, buying now might mean getting the best mortgage rates.

The Economy Will Probably Keep Growing

The American economy is generally in good health, improving year-on-year since 2016. With a business-friendly President at the helm, this trend is likely to continue, though a 2020 election could bring significant changes. A generally healthy economy means more money, however, which means more people willing to pay higher rents for better amenities.

Urban Multifamily Properties Are Still Hot

There’s a lot of new construction, especially in urban centers like Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, and many other Southern cities. Families are looking to rent these properties, and they increasingly expect to “have it all” when they do. Suburban areas with excellent transportation links to major cities and good schools are in high demand.

Don’t Overdo Luxury

While a lot of people are looking for amenities and services as they rent, it’s important not to take a good thing too far. While the details of any real estate situation are always local-dependant, in general it’s important strike a balance of amenities without going too far into the luxury price market. If growth stabilizes, or even shrinks, these will be the first and hardest hit rentals.

Keep an Eye on Florida

Florida gives high returns on investment in the short-term rental category. The state has fewer regulations than others, and both occupancy and rental rates are high. The Sunshine State is less likely to be negatively affected by economic downturns, too, as in lean times people who might otherwise splash out for an international trip tend to head there.

Don’t Ignore Small Residential Homes

As the Federal Reserve uses interest rate hikes to keep the economy from overheating, some people get priced out of the home-buyer market: but only just. This forces them to rent, at least for a few years, and many of these people are looking to rent what they wish they could buy. Small residential properties in quiet places always rent well.

Commercial Real Estate May Stagnate

The commercial real estate market has been trending extremely high, and it’s just about ready for a correction. This could be a good time to invest, before the correction brings a flood of new buyers in to compete. Alternately, if you’re on the fence about commercial real estate investment, waiting a little while could open up more opportunities within your price range.

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