CW 640 – Dan Millman- The Four Purposes of Life, Finding Meaning & Direction in a Changing World & Way of the Peaceful Warrior, A Book That Changes Lives

Working with the numbers of your date of birth can give valid, reliable and accurate information.

Jason starts things off with his thoughts on cycles of opportunity, autonomous cars, and information about how you can win free tickets to the next JHU event. The JHU event will highlight how to evaluate properties for the most historically proven asset class in the world. And returning guest, Dan Millman who is the author of 17 books, talks about his new book “The Four Purposes of Life”. He shares his special life calculator which utilizes the numbers from your birth date to enlighten you about your life path. This information can help guide you on your journey.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[4:32] The opportunity cycle when supply exceeds demand requires sorting

[10:00] The autonomous cars will be virtually everywhere, it’s a game changer

[14:45] The problem with statistics

[18:57] Land contract options available

[21:15] Evaluating properties at the next Jason Hartman University Live event

Dan Millman Guest Interview:

[24:25] Writing The Four Purposes of Life

[26:29] What are the Four Purposes of Life?

[28:56] Purpose #4 – Attend to the arising moment

[34:15] Increase your quality of presence

[35:55] Purpose #1 – Learn the lessons of life a little more gracefully

[39:51] Purpose #2 – The difference between your career and your calling

[43:04] Purpose #3 – Discover life’s path

[47:45] All of my books have their own purpose

[48:25] 12 required courses in the school of life

[50:00] Contact information for Dan Millman


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Young artist aren’t selling out when they get a day job. A career doesn’t have to be your calling.

Working with the numbers of your date of birth can give valid, reliable and accurate information.

Daily life delivers many important lessons but there are 12 areas which need your attention.