Jason Hartman is joined by investment counselor, Steve, in this episode as they discuss current events from Newser and Zero Hedge.  The talk of a real estate bubble is increasing in volume; however, that issue must be considered in many component parts to be understood, our take… we have a long way to go unless interest rates increase rather dramatically. The Zero Hedge articles include:

  • ·        Big Investors Quietly Slip Out The Back Door On Housing As “Stupid Money” Jumps In
  • ·        The last to the party: Investors and flippers competing for small amount of inventory.

Next, Jason interviews the Austin, Texas Local Market Specialist (LMS) as they look at investor trends both in and out of the greater Austin MSA.  More at: https://www.jasonhartman.com/properties/


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Episode: CW 319: Income Property Market Survey of Austin Texas & Real Estate Price Bubbles with Investment Counselor Steve

Guest: Steve

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