CW 271: Multidimensional Aspects of Income Property & Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Atlanta Georgia

Jason Hartman answers client questions, discusses the organization of your real estate portfolio and is interviewed by Future Money Trends. During the interview, Jason discusses the multi-dimensional nature of income property and the one-dimensional or maybe two-dimensional nature of other investments as well as the demand equation.

They can outsource all the manufacturing jobs to China, they can outsource all the call centers and administrative jobs to India or the Philippines, they can even “outsource” retail shopping to the internet; however, so long as the U.S. population is increasing there will be increased demand for housing. This is especially true with all the home-based business and corporate people working at home.

Even Fortune 1000 companies are telling some of their employees to work at home. Remember that people only have three choices 1) buy, 2) rent or 3) be homeless.  Be sure to join Jason and his team in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Details and registration at: and call in to The Creating Wealth Show at (480) 788-7823 to get your economic, investment and personal finance questions answered.  People cannot accurately predict appreciation or depreciation so any asset that doesn’t produce income from day one is a speculation and speculators usually lose. Investing isn’t a gamble since it involves buying assets that produce income. There are many interesting issues discussed in this interview.