Creating wealth as an entrepreneur can be conquered for the everyday individual if one applies their strengths & sharpens their weaknesses by using all of their knowledge and skills in one area or another. When an opportunity arises you need to act fast and make the most of it, because you never know if this chance at wealth will come again.

Several entrepreneurs, listed below, started with nothing and have found success generating wealth through opportunities that came knocking at their door. Find out which entrepreneur influences you the most and opens your eyes to the next best opportunity of generating wealth.

  1. Real Estate Investor
. One entrepreneur took Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series to heart and embarked on a real estate investing rampage in 2003. His determination was driven by a family crisis, which involved his disabled child. The father’s thoughts on real estate investment came about after questioning who would care for his child once he and his wife were no longer alive. Living in California the entrepreneur father built up equity and applied it to real estate ventures across the nation. As a result he now owns approximately 15 houses in several states and manages his success on days off from his engineering job.
  1. Consultant. Riding any job boom, like the high-tide tech
 wave, can either work wonders for you as a consultant or make you fail effortlessly depending on the job market. Riding a strategic marketing plan against your competitors can be rewarding if each stroke taken leads you to the right wave. Then again, if the market were struggling or new, then your skills and knowledge (not the market) would be responsible for getting you those higher consulting fees. Raise the bar and be the best in your field, the more competitive it is out there, the better your chances are to becoming the most successful entrepreneur in your field.
  1. Internet Guru. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, a guru is common to find in every industry these days. Several of these “experts” believe their knowledge as a guru, especially those with Internet knowledge, are generating wealth from their own words of wisdom. So if you have a lot to say maybe it’s worth a price tag on others ears. You can start generating this wealth by blogging or buying and selling web domains, which several entrepreneurs have conquered.
  1. The Careerist. 
If you’re the ideal corporate employee who finds himself annoyed by his non-corporate friends, but your ambition and determination to climb the ladder are not stopped by anyone, then continue your climb. If you are willing to hang in the game long enough to see the first step on that ladder, then go for it. Take that knowledge and experience and build from it, but don’t be surprised if this entrepreneurship is harder to achieve than you imagined.

These examples of everyday people become entrepreneurs and building wealth can be you too. It’s just a matter of what you do and how you perform with the hand that was dealt to you.

photo credit: Tim Dorr via photopin cc