Nearly a quarter of all Internet users regularly download or listen to podcasts – and top tier podcasts reach an audience of millions worldwide. Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth Show is one of those top tier podcasts.

Apple’s iTunes leads the pack of podcast directories, listing the heavy hitters in virtually every niche. iTunes’ latest rankings of those podcast leaders puts Jason Hartman’s flagship podcast at number two in its catalog of real estate investing podcasts – a list with worldwide reach.

With over 400 episodes to date, the Creating Wealth Show is heard in 26 countries, taking advantage of the ease and reach of podcasting to inform and advise investors around the world about income property investing and much more.

Essentials For Investing Success

At the core of the show are Jason Hartman’s essential strategies for successful real estate investing: buy low priced properties with long term fixed rate mortgages, leverage debt wisely, and diversify assets to protect investments.

Segments cover all aspects of real estate investing. With a long list of industry insiders, financial experts and money managers, Jason discusses tonics including how to calculate ROI, whether house flipping is really investing, why inflation is an investor’s friend, property management, mortgages and more.

A Bigger Picture Creates Context

But while the show features Jason’s practical, results oriented strategies for making the most of rental real estate, it has a broader reach. The Creating Wealth Show puts investing and financial issues in a larger context of what’s happening in the world socially, economically and physically. Guests have included presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, Forbes Magazine publisher Rich Karlgaard, academic and philosopher Noam Chomsky, and a lengthy roster of entrepreneurs, commentators, psychologists and other thought leaders in fields ranging from global economics to cybersecurity and motivational speaking.

From its early days as an audio version of blogging, podcasting has come a long way. Because podcast technology is available to just about anyone, new voices have a chance to be heard – and more established ones have found a new platform to reach even more listeners. Authors can read their works, ministries can evangelize, and experts of all kinds can educate and inform with a bit of equipment and a few clicks of a mouse. Podcasts are essentially downloadable radio shows, which listeners can save for later and hear on a variety of devices wherever they are.

Niche Focus Serves listeners

The tight-beam nature of podcasting lets each show target its audience’s specific interests and needs – and deliver content they can access whenever they want. The Creating Wealth Show joins a stable of podcasts offered by The Hartman Media Company, targeting specific niches in the real estate and financial management world: Christian investing, expatriates and investors abroad, or first responders interested in investing

Podcasts mean money, too. A recent study on podcasting trends and the demographics of podcast subscribers found that over one third of regular podcast subscribers claimed a household income of $75,000. Podcast listeners also tend to be more educated than non-listeners and older than 25. They’re tech savvy and eager to learn.

Podcasters are finding ways to appeal to these listeners to sell information products, services and goods of all kinds. Like magazines and blog sites, podcasts carry advertising and connect to podcasters’ main sites for more information and access to other products on the sites. But that’s a double-edged sword. Some podcasts fail because they don’t deliver stand-alone information, just thinly disguised advertising.

The Creating Wealth Show introduces listeners to Jason Hartman’s investing workshops and property tours, courses and services. But information comes first – and it’s no-hype information listeners can use, created and delivered by people who know what they’re talking about.

The power of podcasting is growing daily, with more shows constantly being added to iTunes’ catalog. Those with depth, reach and the expertise listeners are looking for may make it to the top tier of their niche – just as the Creating Wealth Show has done.  (Featured image:ITunes)

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