Five people are born and two die each second of every day. That’s like populating a city the size of Los Angeles every two weeks. It took from the beginning of human history to the year 1800 to reach the first billion people on the planet. Growth has been accelerating like a scalded dog ever since, with many estimates putting us at seven billion now, just 12 years since we hit 6 billion.

No, you’re not imagining it. There are more people at the beach and in the grocery store. But the sneaky part is how you can go about creating wealth from this trend. It’s not just that all these people will be looking for something to eat. They’ll need a place to sleep at night also, usually a house, apartment, or log cabin. What are these structures built made from? Stop straining your brain. We’ll tell you. Commodities! Basic fruits of the earth like lumber, copper, steel, and more.

And what will happen (is already happening) when more and more people pursue the same object, such as housing? Price goes up. Jason Hartman coined the term Packaged Commodities to describe the concept that income property investing is a superior way to invest in commodities. This group of commodities is used to construct a house which, if you own, can be rented to someone else.

This is creating wealth the smart way by positioning yourself to profit from a trend that is not going to stop any time soon. As the world population rises ever higher and people compete for a finite resource – housing – the price of rent will increase accordingly.

Creating wealth from this perfect storm of events should be child’s play. The hardest part is deciding to take action. Why not visit right now to find out the secrets to Packaged Commodity investing. As always, it’s completely free.

The Creating Wealth Team

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