Many internet marketing strategies are based around content, quasi-content, and flat-out spam. Regarding the latter, you know the kind of website we’re talking about because you stumble across them every day. A thinly disguised “informational” page plastered with so many ads you nervously click away, victim of visual overload.

And what passes for content on their website is either a nonsensical keyword stuffed collection of paragraphs or an incoherent mash of words put together for $5 by a person who uses English as a fourth or fifth language.

Here’s a clue – Google hates this stuff! If they could figure out how to get rid of it all at once, they would. Question: do you want to risk building your online wealth by being a purveyor of that which the monster search engine hates? It’s not worth it. They’re very good at what they do, and they want QUALITY content in their search results above all else.

Your absolute safest, and likely most profitable, business move would be to surround your online product with quality content. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a blog, sales page, shopping system, or authority site. Give it legitimate content and you’ve got a fighting chance to survive in the future and possibly even prosper.

When writing for the web remember to:

1.Write in your natural voice – nobody likes to read a pretensive robot
2.Provide quality content

Do these two things and you’ll become trusted by your readers. When you’re trusted, you’re golden. You can sell them anything. Need a good example? Look around our website at We have loads of quality free content dripping of the page. Check it out.

The Creating Wealth Team

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