Jason Hartman offered a big thanks to his clients, listeners, and guests who have come on the show in this 1000th episode milestone of the Creating Wealth podcast. Featured throughout this celebratory episode are several clips from past shows including introductions of famous guests, as well as testimonies from clients who have gained financial freedom through the most historically-proven asset class in the world.

Being that this is a 10th episode show, this is a Colbie Caillat interview where Hartman asks about how she launched her music career on Myspace, as well as her writing process, how she handles rejection, and her thoughts on staying healthy during tours.

A Special Thanks to Guests and Listeners

Jason Hartman opens the episode mentioning that he is both humbled and honored to be introducing Episode 1000 of the Creating Wealth podcast. Many of his listeners have listened to all 1000 episodes, and some have listened to the past 999 episodes at least twice. Hartman thanks his listeners for sticking with him all these years, and he explains that as a 10th episode show he is going to be covering a general interest topic.

Singer and songwriter Colbie Caillat is the guest today. Hartman discovered her music back when he still had an office in Irvine.

Before getting to the Colbie Caillat interview, he states that there have been so many different people on the show over the years who have talked about their career adventures. People in different industries and different walks of life have generous to come on the show and share their stories. In a moment, Hartman will play a couple of clips and apologizes ahead of time that due to the time allotted, he could not play clips of everyone.

He notes that he has been very fortunate to have so many famous guests, many of whom he admires and some he disagrees with. He recalls having a couple of arguments on the show but adds that it has been great fun learning from all of these people.

Adam, the show’s editor, found the introduction from the very first episode, where Hartman talks about the new way to use real estate to become wealthy, slow and steady. He mentions proper structure and the real world of real estate, before playing a montage of different guests who have been interviewed over the years.

The guest montage includes names like Bruce Norris of Norris Industries, Dr. Ben Carson, Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki, scholar and author Pat Buchanan, MIT professor and activist Noam Chomsky, New York Times best-selling author T Harv Eker, marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman, and Dr. Dennis Wheatley, one of Jason Hartman’s most respected mentors.

Hartman recalls picking up one of Dr. Wheatley’s audiobooks back when audiobooks were just becoming popular and over a long commute, he listened to the book over 150 times. The work of Dr. Wheatley helped him to discover the other great mentors he has followed.

Sound Clips of Past Episodes

He states that it has been a pleasure to have so many great names on his show, as well as clients who have been in attendance and listeners who have shared their experiences openly and candidly. He notes his appreciation and plays a compilation of statements that several guests have made on past episodes.

One guest states that the people he has been introduced to, from Sara to all the people in the markets, have been more than helpful and are part of the reason why he’s back. He notes that as Hartman pointed out, a bit of work is required upfront, and afterward the returns are outstanding. He finishes with,

I think it’s a wonderful program. You’re doing a great service for people.”

Another guest mentions that without real estate investment, she wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. She notes that help of the investment counselors help investors to get started somewhere.

A third guest states that he appreciates all the support he has received and encourages everyone to use these resources.

Another speaker explains that her passion for real estate has started to take over her passion for technology and how over the past six years, she has been able to truly get into real estate and make it her day job. This has given her the time to participate in Venture Alliance events, as well as attending property tours.

A final guest explains that a lot of people might be on the fence about buying income properties out of state and that it took him a while to embrace the concept as well. Listening to the podcasts and working with Oliver has helped him not only understand the process but further his success as well. He explains that,

One of the things that I think was the best for me is that after talking extensively with them, I think he [Oliver] might have paired me up, like Match.com, with the perfect local market specialist.”

Hartman thanks all the people who have shared their stories over the years and notes that anyone who would like to come on and share their stories, tips, or advice can feel free to contact him. He states that he and his listeners are a community who shares with each other regarding the most historically-proven asset class in the world.

Upcoming Events

He states that he is off to Philadelphia in the next couple of days, but before that he is going to visit Florida. He notes that he has some big announcements for a near-future episode and hopes to see a lot of his listeners and clients on May 19th. The Creating Wealth event is not sold out yet, and he would love to see you there.

He explains that he is staying in the Northeast and will be visiting New York City for the Venture Alliance trip the following week for Memorial Day weekend. For more information on either of these events, visit www.jasonhartman.com/events.

Colbie Caillat Interview: Myspace Music Launch

colbie caillat interviewJason Hartman welcomes singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat to the podcast, stating that he has been a big fan of her music for several years. She has had a great career and is tuning in today out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Hartman states that she started her music career in a unique way, through the old social media platform Myspace, and inquires about what gave her the idea to take this route.

Caillat explains that posting her songs to Myspace Music was actually her friend’s idea. Toward the end of 2005, he asked her if she knew about Myspace Music, which she states she did not, so he created a page for her and posted a couple of her songs: “Bubbly”, “The Little Things”, and “One Fine Wire”. She gained a following through Myspace and notes that many users were using her songs as profile music.

When asked if she was ever worried about copyright issues or having her songs stolen, Caillat explains that when her songs were posted to Myspace, she was new to songwriting, and the songs posted were demos. At the time she wasn’t worried about people stealing her songs. She also notes that she misses the way she was able to put a song out to the public back then but knows that someone could take and produce her songs before she’s able to if she took that route again.

The Songwriting Process

Hartman explains that he loves all kinds of music, anything from Rush to the Carpenters, and he has a lot of respect for songwriters. He states that it seems like writing a song is harder than writing a book, because a book can have ideas written in an outline format and expanded upon from there.

When asked how she writes her songs and whether she starts with lyrics or a score, Caillat explains that she feels that writing a book would be a lot harder than writing a song. To her, a song is easy at only three minutes. It has a structure of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. She states that all she has to do is write and condense her thoughts, turn them into poetry.

She recalls that with the song “Bubbly”, she started by playing her guitar in her room after her friend recently performed a new tuning on it. She was working out the chords and found three that sounded good. From there she started singing and the melody and lyrics came to her at the same time.

Caillat notes that whether songwriting starts with words depends. Another song she wrote for a friend was written as she was thinking about the friend and the guy the friend was dating. She started writing her thoughts down, had a writing session, and then later put a melody to the words. She explains that her process changes every time. Sometimes she will hum a melody, and some words will come to her.

Hartman asks if she ever experiences writer’s block, and when she does, what fixes the issue and helps her find inspiration.

Caillat states that she will often write about what she’s going through, or she will tap into the loves of her friends and family. If they’re going through an experience, she will write about it. If she’s already written about one experience, she will try writing from a different perspective. She notes that her song “Fearless” was written from the perspective of a guy she broke up with in the past.

She explains that she needs life inspiration and real things to write about to make a song and will usually write about 60 songs for an album over the span of two years. She states that she had friends in Nashville that write one or two songs a day, five days a week. While it’s an amazing talent, she adds that she doesn’t match that method. She will write a song every four months, but since she started a band with friends, they have written 20 songs in about four months.

When asked if she was ever classically trained, Caillat explains that as a teenager, her parents put her in vocal lessons because they knew she wanted to pursue music. She also took one guitar lesson at nineteen and learned a few chords. In her album Coco, she used those same chords she learned and gave them new sounds by changing the progression and capo of her notes.

She states that she has never had formal music training, and she plays what she knows. Her fiancé has taught her new chords, and she wants to learn more to be a better guitar player.

Colbie Caillat Inteview: Listener Questions and the Song “Capri”

Hartman presents a listener question by Jessica, who asks who Caillat’s song “Capri” was written for.

In the Colbie Caillat interview, Caillat explains that she wrote the song for a friend from high school by the name of Barbara. She had a baby at around twenty years of age, and she was a single mother. She named her daughter Caprese, but since it didn’t sound right in the song, Caillat shortened it to Capri and the song was written for her.

Another listener asks what Caillat’s other passions are or what she would be doing if she wasn’t making music.

Caillat recalls that she was kind of a lazy teenager, and while she wanted to work in music, she wasn’t putting herself out there. She was shy, and at 18-19 she took a couple college classes on interior design and photography. She states that she would have likely gone down either of those roads had it not been for music.

A third listener question inquires about Caillat’s thoughts on income properties. Caillat states that she and her family both take part in a bit of it. She moves a lot, as she enjoys living in different places. Rather than renting, she buys a house in the place she’s living and will sell it when she’s ready to move. She adds that with this, sometimes she makes money, and sometimes she loses a little.

When asked if there’s anything she’d like to be asked, Caillat explains that she tends to volunteer information at times, stating that she gets stage-fright, that she’s shy, and that she’s somewhat of a homebody.

Hartman notes that he has a musician client who is similar in behavior. When he’s in concert, he’s engaged and intense, but when he’s out of the public eye, he’s very mellow.

Caillat explains that it’s a major contradiction to embrace two personalities. It’s hard for her to get up on stage and perform as it doesn’t feel natural. It’s been twelve years, and she’s still an introverted person. She adds that she used to worry about this all the time, but now she knows that it’s okay to be different. She just needs more encouragement before performing.

Staying Healthy on Tour

For the Colbie Caillat interview, a listener, Mel, asks how Caillat takes care of her health while she’s on tour, and Caillat states that it’s a challenge. Touring can be fun, but she’s in a different city every day while she’s on tour and is always at the odds of getting sick by being around a lot of people. Eating right and exercising enough present their own challenges. She adds that when she gets a cold, she takes herbal remedies.

She explains that she has had to cancel a few events while she was on tour due to getting sick and how it can be a bummer because it changes everyone’s plans. She has had to take steroid medications the day of a show to keep her voice but notes that it’s bad for the body, so she tried to avoid it.

Hartman asks about the number of crew and equipment her band takes on tour, and notes that when his musician client goes on tour, the equipment costs a lot to move.

Caillat explains that usually everyone brings all of their own equipment as well as extras in case anything goes wrong. They bring their console with their own sound settings programmed. It makes the tour easier as the crew knows the setup.

She also states that her crew is not very large at about thirteen people. This includes seven crew members and six or seven band members. It can vary a bit.

Handling Professional Rejection

Katie, a listener ,asks how Caillat dealt with being rejected by American Idol twice and adds that she played the song “Falling for You” at her wedding.

Caillat recalls that she auditioned for the second season of American Idol, and then tried again with her song “Bubbly” a couple of years later. She notes that she didn’t want to audition either time but was encouraged by those around her. She was nervous and states that she was a bad auditioner.

Looking back, she states that her specific personality wouldn’t have been a good match for her in American Idol, so she was not offended by the rejection. It was not the right time for her, and in the end, she lucked out.

She adds that there are times in the lives of artists when they’ve been rejected, and everyone wonders why. Sometimes things don’t happen because it isn’t the right time or path for them.

A listener, Patrick, asks Caillat what her musical influences are, and she explains that she grew up in Southern California. Her parents were into classic rock like Tom Petty, Steve Miller, and the like. Those were here initial influences, and because of that her first album had bright and sunny acoustics like other music from the area. She was also influenced by Lauren Hill, Bob Marley, and John Mayer with their soulful acoustics.

When asked what’s next for her, Caillat explains that she has started a band with her fiancé and a couple of friends, and while she has some things that she’s working on, she has remained relatively quiet about them in case these ventures don’t come together.

For more information about Colbie Caillat, feel free to visit her website at www.colbiecaillat.com or connect with her on social media. Her media handles are all her full name, Colbie Caillat.