Jason Hartman, an accomplished real estate investor, and mentor—and Richard Branson, a multibillionaire, may not seem like they have a ton in common. Sure, they both have risen through the ranks in their own respective fields to achieve unparalleled success, but you might not immediately pair the two together as similar individuals.

Recently on Necker Island, Richard and Jason connected over coconuts and cocktails. There, they learned that they had a lot of similarities, both in work ethics and in work practices. It turned out that both men were quite familiar with buying and selling single-family homes.

Investing In Single-Family Homes

In fact, Richard Branson used to have a home in Holland Park, which is located in London, England. He originally purchased this place as an investment and paid 5 million pounds for it, which translates to about $6.5 million.

Gradually, Branson and his wife began to spend more time traveling to the United States and relaxing in their Oxfordshire (England) home rather than in London, especially after their children grew up. This is why, in 2006, Branson placed his house out on the market, and successfully sold it, for 17.5 million pounds, which translates to about $22.8 million.

Not only had he lived and enjoyed his single-family home, but he also became fully engaged in the real estate market the moment he put his house up for sale, just like Jason Hartman.

Jason Hartman, a professional in the real estate world, knows all about investing in single-family homes. Whether you are looking to flip a single-family home for profit, are looking to increase your investment opportunities, or simply buy a place to settle down in, Hartman knows just how to navigate the tricky housing markets and get you the best deal.

Jason has spent a lifetime analyzing and mastering all aspects of the single-family housing market. His continued experience in the different housing markets across the United States has allowed him to not only succeed but share his secrets with others. Hartman has continuously provided high-quality lessons, feedback, and advice for those looking to sell their home.

Taking the Single-Family Home Leap

Just like Richard Branson and Jason Hartman, many people across the nation are purchasing, adding value and then selling their single-family homes. There are no set rules or guaranteed formulas to get your home sold with a healthy profit. Every move must be made in a way that works for both you and the housing market where you live.

Branson knew that his home was no longer being utilized in the way that it should be. He was not spending enough time there and the place was beginning to become worn down, which would ultimately decrease its market value. Branson, like Hartman, knew when the right time to sell was and took full advantage of that to turn over $15 million dollars in profit.

The Jason Hartman Foundation works to improve the financial literacy of adults throughout the nation and allow them to find the financial freedom both Richard Branson and Jason Hartman enjoy. Get in touch today to learn how to invest in your own single-family investment property.