Podcasts are as great a revolution as the radio, but unlike radio, there’s no need to wait on a broadcast schedule to get the information you need. The only trouble with podcasts is there are so many of them. There are podcasts about pets and politics, the Northern Lights or Southern cooking. In fact, there are well over 30 million podcast episodes available to listen to, so how do you know which are worth your time? A great commercial real estate podcast is the right place to start if you’re looking to turbocharge your mind: it has the potential to change everything.

7 Ways a Commercial Real Estate Podcast Can Change Everything

1. You De-Mystify the Jargon and the Process

The average person is often initially reluctant to consider real estate investment in large part because it can all seem so complicated and out of reach. One of the biggest barriers to figuring out how to get started on your dream of achieving financial freedom is all the unfamiliar terminology. Terms like net operating income, cash on cash return, CAP rates, and lease types such as full-service or triple-net can sound like jargon, making real estate investment seem more out of reach than it really is.

The Creating Wealth Show commercial real estate podcast can clear up these terms, making the terminology and process of this industry easily accessible to the newcomer while still providing valuable insight to those who already have some experience. Instead of being mystified, as you become a regular listener, you come to naturally understand what’s going on in the world of commercial real estate.

2. You Have Access to Friends With Lots of Experience

Imagine if you had a dozen or so friends who were some of the best commercial real estate experts in the business. Now imagine that any time you had a question, you could just meet them for coffee and get their advice. Not the kind of advice you get from a lecture or a class, but the kind you get from an informal, casual chat with people who think and talk just like you.

When you listen to The Creating Wealth Show, you can choose the topic you need help with from dozens of podcasts, over coffee, or at any other time, and hear Jason Hartman discuss key commercial real estate issues as if you were having an informal chat. Nearly every podcast includes frank and friendly discussions with other experts or people who’ve overcome the same issues that you’re concerned with.

The Creating Wealth Show brings together friendly, accessible experts, laypeople with a few years of experience and valuable insight, and ordinary people with the same questions you’re considering.

3. You Change Your Thinking

For some of us, the main thing keeping us from making the move into commercial real estate that could start us on the road to true financial freedom is simply the wrong mindset. Maybe you believe commercial real estate is too difficult to understand or will require too much of your time. Maybe you believe commercial real estate is a money sink for most people or that only a few people at the top ever make it work.

If that kind of negative thinking is standing between you and success, then it’s time to change your way of thinking. As you listen to The Creating Wealth Show, you’ll hear real people like you talk about how they’ve navigated real estate investment and made it work. You’ll start to grasp what’s really possible, and, in the process, change negative patterns of thinking into positive (and profitable) ones.

4. You Make Learning Convenient

While you shouldn’t be afraid of real estate investment, success does take information and a commitment to learning the ins and outs. Carving out the time to invest in that education can be impossible if you’re going at it solely through reading on your own or even attending a seminar. But commercial real estate podcasts change all that.

One of the best things about Jason Hartman’s podcast is you can listen to it at whatever time makes sense for you. Stop wasting those hours you spend on the commute, for example, and turn them into a learning opportunity. Listen on your morning run or educate yourself while you work out at the gym. With this podcast, gaining the education you need to succeed in commercial real estate investment can be a convenient way to make the most of every moment.

5. You Stay Motivated to Reaching Your Goal

We all know how life can get in the way of our goals and dreams. The pressures of family responsibilities and work life can easily overwhelm our best intentions to move forward, improve ourselves, or try something new. You know you want to achieve true financial freedom so you can quit your corporate job or prepare for the retirement you deserve, but how can you stay focused?

Regularly listening to a commercial real estate podcast will keep your head in the game. Just when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by urgent, immediate issues that seem to demand all your time, your podcast schedule comes to the rescue. Taking some time off to listen to a commercial real estate podcast regularly reminds you what you’re working for and helps you keep your eye on the long-term goal.

6. You Control Who Influences Your Life

If you’re the only one in your social circle interested in commercial real estate investment, it can be easy to give up on your dream or just slowly drift to a halt in your drive to succeed. After all, we all naturally tend to value and prioritize what our family and peers do.

When you choose to listen to The Creating Wealth Show, you’re broadening your own horizons and deliberately choosing who you’ll allow to influence your life. A podcast isn’t a substitute for your social circle, of course. It’s just a valuable addition that can help you keep on track to reach your goals.

7. You Get Tips You Would Otherwise Miss

Reading written material about real estate investment is an important way of learning about the process. But written material is static. It’s usually carefully planned to ensure you get all the important basics and can be very slow to update as things change in the real world. It has its place, but it doesn’t go far enough.

On The Creating Wealth Show, you’ll hear real people having a give-and-take conversation that pushes the mind in unanticipated directions, generating insights and tips you would otherwise miss. This commercial real estate podcast is vibrant and creative, offering you a perspective on real estate investment you’ll never get from simply reading about it.

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Financial freedom doesn’t have to be just a dream, but the first step in turning dreams into reality is to get the advice, education, and perspective you need. Use a commercial real estate podcast to keep you motivated as you strive to be free of the 9-to-5 hamster wheel and the scam of Wall Street investment.

Change your thinking and get the tips you need while listening whenever it’s convenient for you. Tune in to The Creating Wealth Show’s commercial real estate discussions today and let Jason Hartman and his guests help you get started on the road to true financial freedom.