Making Economic Collapse Your Best Friend!

For many Americans, the past year has felt like an economic earthquake. 

From lockdowns that have caused millions of Americans to become unemployed and countless small-to medium-sized businesses being forced to shut their doors, the economic livelihoods of millions have been dramatically impacted.

On top of that, employers are struggling to hire workers largely because they are now de facto competing with the enhanced unemployment benefits governments are providing to many people. 

It’s a small wonder why there is a labor “shortage”. There’s no way most small businesses can compete with the government when it comes to unemployment benefits.

The economic distortions don’t end there.  

Central banks like the Federal Reserve are not exercising restraint whatsoever and are putting the printing press on overdrive.

All that talk about inflation is no coincidence. It’s the result of money printing and it’s not going to be “transitory” like many pundits believe. 

Millions of Americans are being forced to adjust to the new economic circumstances. Indeed, we are going through a new economic transition.

But let’s not fall for the apocalyptic hysteria. 

Life will go on. When the economic going gets tough, people will simply make adjustments.

Undoubtedly, one thing has not changed:  The home is the center of the universe

You read that correctly. 

No matter if the economy is completely down the tubes or the economy is booming, people will always need housing.

For income property investors, this is fantastic news. 

Income property is the most historically proven asset class in the entire world.

But I would be lying to you if I told you that income property investing will be a walk in the park.

I’m not in the business of providing get-rich-quick schemes. I’m here to provide you with the truth and nothing but the truth.

Investing in an income property is a fantastic way to build a rock-solid portfolio that generates cash flows for years to come. 

But there will be roadblocks along the way. They’ll usually come in the form of unreliable property managers.

Property managers vary in terms of quality. Some people in the real estate game have been blessed to work with property managers who are on the ball.

But in my humble experience, and in the experience of many other real estate investors, property managers are largely unreliable.

If you have a good property manager, good for you.

But if your property manager is not up to par and is making you pull your hair out, my suggestion is quite simple…

Ditch them!!!


They’re a pain in the rear and will financially bleed you dry. 

At this point,  you’re probably wondering “What’s the alternative???”

Well, thanks to my decades of experience in real estate investing, I’ve come up with a solution to the eternal property manager problem. 

With the Empowered Investor Inner Circle, you won’t need to rely on property managers. 

In this community, you will get real advice I can’t say on my Creating Wealth Podcast…

The Empowered Investor Inner Circle will grant you access to a network of entrepreneurs and investors who will put you on the path to real estate investment success. 

In addition, you’ll hear from my most successful clients. You’ll see how they manage their properties. 

The Empowered Investor Inner Circle is for those of us who truly want to learn from the best minds in real estate. 

It’s for those of us who care enough about our investments to keep learning and growing. 

It’s for those of us who want to speed up our journey to financial independence.

The team at the Empowered Investor Inner Circle does all the heavy lifting for our clients in advance. So, you’ll end up saving tens of thousands of dollars over the years

But it gets even better… You’ll boost your properties’ values with your increased cash flow while cutting your expenses by 25 percent or even more.

All of this and much more will be at your fingertips once you join the Empowered Investor Inner Circle.

So, if you’re ready for a lucrative real estate experience filled with reliable cash flows, join the Empowered Investor Inner Circle here!