Jason Hartman presents a followup to show #205 with some additional information on “The Big D” – that’s Dallas Texas, including a forecast for 2011 and a market overview. Dallas experienced a series of moderate appreciation followed by a gradual contraction that has resulted in much less price volatility than has been experienced by other market areas.  The area is expected to hit the bottom of its mild contraction in 2011 and then resume a course of modest appreciation.  Dallas has a very strong business community, and a large population of renters.  This results in a much slower rate of value appreciation, and a large supply of potential tenants. Currently, approximately 40% of listings in Dallas are from foreclosures.

The primary strength of Dallas as an investment market is the strong cash flows that it generates. By building your investment on top of rents that are sufficiently large to pay for the expenses and mortgage on the investment, it will give you the power to hold strong until market conditions are optimal.  In the case of Dallas, there is a ‘perfect storm’ of factors that combine to make it a very strong investment market.  The city has a very strong business sector that attracts skilled employees.  The relatively high property taxes influence many people to rent their homes instead of buy them. This works to suppress price increases and place upward pressure on rents, since there is a relatively high percentage of the population who rents.

One of the things that some people say about Dallas is that they don’t care for the heat and humidity of summers in Texas.  This dislike of the weather convinces them that Dallas is not a place that they would want to invest.  This sentiment also demonstrates a great income property investing folly where people think that they should only invest in a place where they would want to live.  Just because you would personally choose to live in one place or choose not to live in another doesn’t mean that everybody else shares your sentiment.  Many people have moved to markets like Dallas or Atlanta because of their superior employment opportunities.  Based on this analysis, Dallas represents an excellent opportunity for income property investors.

Episode: CW 206: Income Property Real Estate Market Overview and Forecast for Dallas Texas

Guest: Jason Hartman

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