Jason talks with Jerry Springer about mobile home parks (MHP’s) investing for cash flow and capital gains. Just kidding! Seriously, Jason and Dave Reynolds discuss the ups & downs of this asset class. As a successful real estate investor who has specialized in the acquisition of mobile home and RV parks for the past 12 years, Dave has the keen ability to quickly assess deals, cut through hype, measure upside vs. downside risk, and make sound decisions. Listen for free at: http://jasonhartman.com/radioshows or on iTunes. He has owned and operated over 55 mobile home & RV parks over the past 12 years in 16 different states. In addition to the ownership of over 55 mobile home parks over the past 12 years, he has been involved in the brokerage as a licensed broker in 25+ mobile home park transactions. Dave received a B.S. in Accounting from Mesa State College in Colorado in 1992 and attended graduate school majoring in Accounting and Taxation at Colorado State University in 1993-1994. Join Jason on the next Creating Wealth Show as he interviews internet and affiliate marketing superstar Yanik Silver.

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