Jason’s amazingly popular course is now online.  Thousands of people have attended live and zillions have asked for an online version… well, it has finally arrived!  Can’t attend locally, can’t attend the live class?  We have the solution you’ve been asking for! 

Are you like the many who would like to attend The Creating Wealth Boot Camp but cannot find the time to travel or devote your whole Saturday to learning the best investment advice you will ever hear?  In order to cater to the busy professionals in need of investment education and advice, we have created an online course to fit any schedule! This highly visual and interactive six week intensive will meet once a week for approximately one hour. Your schedule does not allow for you to attend live? Don’t fret, we will send you a recorded version for you to listen at your convenience. Bottom line, there is no excuse why you are living without this worthwhile information.  The #1 piece of advice for growing wealthy is… Pretend the stock market doesn’t exist.

Seriously. That ship left the dock decades ago and won’t be back. If you’re still swallowing the Wall Street lies, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will probably die poor, an unfortunate statistic lumped in with the 99% who will never know the blessed relief of a life free from financial worry. Can you even imagine the sweet taste of financial freedom?  The truth is today’s stock market has devolved into a giant con game where an exclusive gang of unscrupulous slimeballs makes a very nice living picking the pockets of average investors like you.

At The Creating Wealth Boot Camp, we don’t even consider it a real investment unless it does the following:

• Expect at least a 20% annual ROI

• Allows you PROFIT from the economically debilitating effects of inflation

• Cuts the THIEVING middle-men out and allows direct investment

• Provides TRUE diversification

• Is the MOST tax-favored asset in America

• Turns banks profit model against them to practically STEAL money legally

• So conservative your grandmother would love it

We’re sorry but this event is jam-packed with education, not bushy sales pitches.

1. Six+ hours of innovative education. No esoteric theory. This is a simple, repeatable, conservative approach that can make you VERY wealthy.

2. How to properly use leverage to reach financial independence. You might quit your job in as little as seven years and never work again.

A new feature at The Creating Wealth Online Course is property analysis. Jason and his team of investment experts will lead the class through the process of property selection using actual deals from our network. We’ll show you how we decide whether or not a property is a good buy. You can even bring in outside properties you’re interested in and we’ll show you how to evaluate its money-making potential.

Perhaps the benefits of using The Creating Wealth educational course to put your financial life into high gear can best be told by previous attendees.


“WOW Factor = 10!” – Michelle Hamilton

“Very, very informative! It was a 10!” – James Burns, Esq.

“Very informative and well-presented. I’m really excited and can’t wait to get started.” – Richard Jager

“Jason had great high energy. He’s clear and interesting with a sincere quality. Jason came across like an expert. It was a 10!” – Anne Alden

“Appreciate that the presentation’s goal was to give realistic and helpful information. It wasn’t “pie in the sky” and gave me a sense of confidence in being able to become a successful real estate investor. Rating: 10.” – Elizabeth Lewis

“I am going to tell my investor clients to attend a Platinum Properties Investment seminar before they sink another dollar into investment property! Rating: 10.” – Roger Lindsey

“Best real estate presentation I have ever been to (including my own) Rating: 10.” – Gordon Schaye

“This was awesome and the best investor seminar I’ve attended. I appreciate your up front, conservative approach and how you detail both the financial and non-financial market aspects of investing. Rating: 10.” – Paul Marthaler

“Honestly, I’m here with my husband to be educated and justify my “NO” to his investing idea. Jason had me at the break. I’m excited to learn more! My rating 10++!” – Kathy Toombs

Episode: CW 159: The "Creating Wealth Boot Camp" Online Course (6 Week Intensive)

Guest: Jason Hartman

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