Jason Hartman and Pat Donohoe discuss action steps and dealing with the media and coronavirus. Will we make the most of a creative destruction situation, and how can we benefit from it? 

In segment two, Harry Dent shares his thoughts on where Baby Boomers and Millennials will go next, be that downsizing or repurposing McMansions. What differences between the two generations have led to peak earning and peak spending trends, and how will they affect the housing market? 

Key Takeaways:

[7:30] With Coronavirus & media, what’s the action step here?

[9:40] We are experiencing the biggest money printing extravaganza in world history

[11:41] We don’t know how much debt is too much

[15:30] Creative destruction, advantages and disadvantages, and hindsight bias

[17:00] Harry Dent, “The baby boomers have sold their homes and joined the renters”

[20:00] In general, are millennials in a good place or a bad place?

[23:00] Harry, “I like the high quality, the ten and thirty-year U.S. Treasury Bonds”

[30:00] What’s to come of Millennials and McMansions? 

[36:00] If we don’t rebalance this debt, and go through what you always go through after a debt bubble, we may end up like Japan

[38:00] Jason, “Financial assets like the wall street economy, vs real assets like the main street economy, are far riskier”





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