Saint Robert is known as the “business hub” of Missouri’s Pulaski County. The city is relatively young, however it has achieved more than most cities since its birth, living up to its motto “Grow With Us.” On this episode of The Creating Wealth Show, Jason Hartman talks with our Local Market Specialist (LMS)™ in St. Robert about the many reasons to invest in this Missouri investment market.

Zach informs Creating Wealth listeners that the city of St. Robert has experienced rapid growth in the last five years. The city also serves a far greater population base which includes Fort Leonard Wood (Population 28,937) and Waynesville (Population 3,507). As an investor, growth is one of the most important factors when choosing an investment market.

As St. Robert continues to grow and prosper, investors are taking notice of its prudent investment opportunities. Tune in as Jason discusses Platinum Properties Investor Network’s latest special financing rental property opportunity.

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Episode: CW 138: Income Property Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Saint Robert, Missouri

Guest: Jason Hartman

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