Wouldn’t it be nice to make your mortgage disappear without lifting a finger or making a single payment? This kind of self-liquidating debt is exactly how real estate wizard, Jason Hartman, made millions investing in income properties. There’s nothing fancy about the method. Nothing hard to learn or shady in nature.

What it does do is turn the bank’s profit making model against them.

Consumer debt is bad debt. We’re talking about things like big screen televisions, fancy cars – yachts, if you really like going out on a limb. Mortgage debt tied to a residential, income producing property can be money in the bank for you, especially if that mortgage comes with fixed rate interest and a long term note – we prefer 30 years.

The magic of this sort of investing begins when you start receiving monthly rent payments from your tenant. Take a close look at the number on that check. It’s enough to pay your monthly mortgage note and there’s still a little left over. But so what if it was only a break even? You’re still coming out way ahead. In 30 years, you will own the property free and clear, while the bank put up the money and, assuming near constant tenancy, will have paid very little of your own money towards the mortgage.

Of course, you can’t simply pick any property nilly-willy out of thin air and expect it to perform like this example, but the process of finding properties that make financial sense the day you buy them is easier than you think. In fact, Platinum Properties Investor Network will show you how we do it for free. Give it a test spin at www.JasonHartman.com.

We’ll pull back the curtain and show you how real wealth still gets built in America today.

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