Here are some facts about the Creating Wealth Podcast hosted by Jason Hartman. As the show count continues to climb, closing in on 300 (it sits at 276 at this moment in time), the past few years have seen well over one million downloads from several dozen countries. What began as a modest little project for Jason to take his unique real estate investing knowledge to the masses has gone global while we weren’t paying attention.

For the purposes of this post, we thought we reflect on the first 100 episodes. There are plenty of blog readers and podcast listeners who weren’t with us when the shows were first released and, too often, life gets so busy that it’s easy to stay focused on the new stuff and forget about the vast archive of entertainment, investing education, and just plain old fascinating conversation that has gone before. So take a moment and skim through the past episodes listed below. There’s a good chance you’ll find something worthwhile.

Creating Wealth Podcast # 18The Great Inflation Payoff – “How prudent real estate investors benefit from inflation in two big ways!”

Creating Wealth Podcast #19Reducing Investment Risk – “Innovative new thinking on real estate investing with the Hartman Risk Evaluator.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #24The Three Dimensions of Real Estate Investing – “Unlike stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or commodities such as precious metals like gold and silver, real estate is a multi-dimensional asset.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #34A Mini Portfolio Makeover – “Jason shares an abridged real-world Portfolio Makeover and some thoughts on empire building.”

Creating Wealth #41Thou Shalt Maintain Control or Pools are for Fools – “Jason explores the benefits of being a direct investor and the problems of group investing or pooling money and going into other people’s deals.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #42Why Trump and Hartman Love Debt and You Should Too! – “Examining the subject of debt, both good and bad, and how the prudent use of leverage or borrowed money can accelerate wealth creation and reduce risk.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #43The Seeds of Success and Fending off an IRS Attack – “Jason shares the story of one of his personal inspirations, Og Mandino, as well as tax advice from CPA Peter DeGregori and Richard Lillycrop.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #46US vs. International Markets – Jason provides a quick overview of some global real estate markets, and leads a discussion on Missed Fortune by Doug Andrew.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #47How to Make a Killing in Commodities – Sort Of – “On this show you’ll hear from Paul Harvey, Jim Rogers, Ron Paul, and truth-challenged Ben Bernanke on the topic of commodities investing.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #56Mid-Year Update Radio Interview – “Jason guests on the Al Rantel Show on KABC in Los Angeles to talk about the current state of economic affairs, and then answers listener questions.”

Creating Wealth Podcast #57Getting Paid to Borrow – “Understand this topic and you can write your own ticket. Jason reveals how to profit from prudent borrowing. Then Jason and Ben, a local businessman and caterer, discuss inflation and rising food prices.”

Creating Wealth #70The Person on the White Horse – “Jason answers some listener questions, then shares wisdom from Earl Nightingale and Dan Sullivan.”

Creating Wealth #75An Interview with Harry Dent – “Yes, THAT Harry Dent. Listen in as Jason talks it over with this renowned financial newsletter creator and author of The Great Depression Ahead.”

Creating Wealth #89The Free Lunch Metric and What It Tells About Income Property – “Platinum Properties Investment counselor, Sara, brought a client into Jason’s office one day and an impromptu but fascinating podcast episode was the result.

Creating Wealth Podcast #100Celebrate Our 100th Show with Leadership and Communication Expert Jeff Myers – “In a world desperate for leaders who serve and make an eternal difference in the lives of others, Jason interviews leadership expert, Dr. Jeff Myers, president of the Myers Institute for Communication and Leadership.”

This has been a quick trip through the highlights of the first 100 episodes of the Creating Wealth Show. Hopefully there was something on the list that tripped your fancy and made you want to go back and learn something you didn’t know before. It’s exceedingly easy to tap into our past archive. Either follow this link to access previous shows on the website or head over to iTunes where you can grab them and plunk them down onto your iPod.

The whole point to this podcasting exercise is, yes, entertainment and some level of enlightenment, but more than anything Jason wants to share the miracle of income property investing, which has historically proven to be the best asset class you can buy. Don’t be led astray by the blather of Wall Street and their willing accomplices in the financial media. It’s simply not the best choice to make with your investment dollar any more, if it ever was.

The Jason Hartman Team

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