May 15, 2010 – Creator of the Rich Dad series and New York Times best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki suggests the idea of increasing financial education as the right way to protect oneself in a down economy versus investing in a “well diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.” During the 111th episode of the Creating Wealth Show, which spotlights an interview with Robert Kiyosaki, host, Jason Hartman, asks Robert why the middle-class is currently being wiped out, and what can possibly be done about it. During the extensive interview, Robert explains that between taxes, debt, inflation, and retirement plans, the average person without financial education will pushed from the middle-class into the poor-class.

Robert, who is a self-made millionaire, and cash-flows more than $250,000 a month from his real estate investments, clearly defines the difference between cash flow and capital gains, and why the average person will always try to invest for capital gains, which he compares to gambling. The interview contains many ideas from Robert’s online book, Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich, which has not yet been published on paperback. Robert explains that he wanted to provide some of the background and history of money since most are not taught it in school, his take on the current state of the economy, and how individuals can provide for themselves in the future.

Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth Show has featured many recognizable names in recent years including Michael Gerber, Pat Buchanan, Addison Wiggin, David Allen, Peter Schiff and many others. The Creating Wealth Show is available for free on or the iTunes store, and offers investment strategy advice to those who wish to be financially independent through income property investing. To speak with an experienced investment counselor, you can call 714-820-4200 or visit for more details.


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