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Columbus is the capital and largest city in the U.S. state of Ohio, and the state’s third largest metropolitan area, behind Cleveland and Cincinnati. Named for explorer Christopher Columbus, the city was founded in 1812 and assumed the functions of state capital in 1816.

Columbus represents a bright spot in the upper Midwest region frequently referred to as the “rust belt” due to its highly educated population, strong economy and quality of life.

Columbus is bisected by two major Interstate Highways, Interstate 70 running east–west, and Interstate 71 running north to roughly southwest. The Interstate 270 Outerbelt encircles the vast majority of the city, while the newly redesigned Innerbelt consists of the Interstate 670 spur on the north side, State Route 315 on the west side, the I-70/71 split on the south side, and I-71 on the east. Due to its central location within Ohio and abundance of outbound roadways, nearly all of the state’s destinations are within a 2-hour drive of Columbus.

With approximately 100,000 college students in the Metropolitan Area, there are a large number of people employed within higher education institutions. Large organizations include The Ohio State University, Capital University , Franklin University, Ohio Dominican University, and Columbus State Community College, as well as numerous other smaller colleges and schools.

In 2009, Ohio State was ranked #19 in the country by U.S. News and World Report for best public university, and #56 overall, scoring in the first tier of schools nationally. Top five graduate school programs include #5 for best veterinary program and #5 for best pharmacy program.

With a combined metropolitan area population of 1.8 million people, Columbus represents an economic hub of the Midwest with a highly skilled population that is propelling it into the 21st century.

The cost of living and average commute times in Columbus are both very reasonable, with a tremendous variety of options available for recreation and culture.

Forbes magazine rates Columbus as the #4 most stable economy in the US, with 61% of its employment base being white collar. Columbus has a strong and diverse economy, which has allowed it to weather the financial crisis much easier than many other cities. With unemployment significantly below both the national and statewide rate, Columbus demonstrates a remarkable ability to adapt when the economy changes.

This is particularly impressive, given the problems felt by most other cities in the Midwest that have stemmed from problems in the automotive industry. This is especially true for Delaware County, outside of Columbus. With household incomes up 21% since 1999 and double-digit job increases, Delaware county currently stands as one of the fastest growing counties in the country.

The economy of Columbus is based on a diverse blend of employers, anchored by the state government, Ohio state university, nationwide insurance, bank one, Ohio health, and Honda of America. With exposure to multiple sectors of the national and global economy, the economic base of Columbus possesses remarkable resilience against economic cycles.

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