It’s unclear exactly why Memphis is a rental property owners dream investment city but it is. Vacancy rates are consistently 5% or less year over year. Even when people are qualified to purchase a property they insist on renting. Add to that the dynamic nature of this culture filled town and major distribution companies who do business there and you get a perfect bluesy mix of properties and opportunities for your next investment.

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[1:42] Chicago property tour 7/15 -7/17

[2:58] 3 cities now that Detroit is confirmed

[4:12] Voicemail from Roger about managing your property managers

[6:10] An entire episode on managing your manager coming

[6:40] Search with the keyword property manager

[8:00] CNBC video – Rents rising and supply is constrained

[9:59] Let’s get in the game and take action

Ryan from Memphis:

[11:57] Invest in Memphis – it’s great for rental properties

[13:10] Is Memphis saturated with investors?

[13:48] Why you should love Memphis as a rental property buyer

[14:44] Vacancy rates are 5% or less

[16:00] The reasons tenants rent

[17:03] Rent a nicer place than they can own

[20:02] Society is changing towards not planting roots

[20:48] Time Magazine home ownership article

[22:56] People are looking for dynamic, cultured cities

[24:53] Different levels of property available in Memphis

[26:38] The evaluation process for finding properties

[29:12] The government assisted housing dilemma

[32:00] The benefits of a section 8 housing tenant

[34:45] Ryan’s unique selling proposition

[36:24] When choosing which markets are best, Memphis is growing


La Banque – Chicago hotel of choice – $131 per night – (708) 798-6000

Memphis Housing Authority


What is it about Memphis that makes people prefer renting instead of buying? Is it the down payment?

Will owning government assisted properties have you complaining all the way to the bank?

How are investment properties evaluated by market specialists? What aspects are taken into consideration?

Episode: 539

Guest: Ryan, Memphis Market Specialist

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