We are all about creating empowered investors.


We’re not simply looking to build up people who just do what they’re told and take what the property manager gives them. We’re on the hunt for super powered investors who take destiny into their own hands and create their own future. The truth is that there is no such thing as a ‘passive’ investment for people who want to generate superior outcomes. Anything where you expect to achieve success will require work. So, as they say, let’s work smarter, not harder, so that your results are amazing.


So, this “Empowered Investment” contest, what does it mean?


True empowerment is about more than just control – It’s about creating value where it did not previously exist. It’s about creating efficient systems that benefit both you and your tenants. It’s about removing the barriers to success that have been standing in your way.


The ‘Empowered Investor’ contest is about sharing your strategy to help yourself become your #1 advocate and feeling confident that you’re in control of your investments. Then it’s time to put that confidence into the world.


So what do you do?


Step 1: Record a video and upload it to YouTube with the tags #JasonHartman and #EmpoweredInvestor

Step 2: Video length should be less than 10 minutes

Step 3: What should you say in the video? We want you to demonstrate your plans and actions to become an empowered investor. Share your strategies and tactics – like the 5-year plan

Step 4: Videos will be judged based on a blend of content and total # of views during the contest period. We will upload your videos to our YouTube channel and those views will add to your total


You have until 11:59PM EST Sep 23, 2019 to submit your video


Contest Prizes:

#1 Prize – Two (2) Tickets for Profits in Paradise and a 1-year membership to the ‘Empowered Investor’ community

#2 Prize – Two (2) Tickets for Profits in Paradise

#3 Prize – One (1) Ticket for Profits in Paradise

SUPER BONUS: $3,000 cruise allowance JasonHartman.com for details if your video is judged as awesome and it gets over 1,000 views on our YouTube channel and 200 views on your channel

(Be sure to include “Jason Hartman Empowered Investor Contest” in the title)