Learn NEW strategies for building wealth by attending
with acclaimed real estate investing expert Jason Hartman
October 26 & 27 | Orlando, Florida
NEW BONUS: Friday Property Tour

Question: What could be better than a weekend in paradise?

Answer: A two-day conference in paradise where you learn new strategies to become wealthy.

Jason Hartman’s community of investors will be gathering at a beautiful resort in Orlando, Florida to learn NEW strategies for building wealth. Income property has always been the world’s best asset class for wealth creation, but the rules are changing.

High appreciation markets are at “Bubble” prices… Do you want to be left holding the bag when prices collapse?

Income property investors are being squeezed by higher purchase prices that compress cash flow… Are you willing to live with lower returns?

The correct answer to both questions is “No.”

So you’re probably asking what other options are available?

That’s why you need to be at Profits In Paradise.


  • Jason’s Hot New Strategy – better than 1031 and Opportunity Zone hype
  • Long-Terms vs. Short-Term Rental strategies that change the game for investment
  • How to profitably invest in new property segments and new locations
  • How to effectively use technology to leverage your time and income
  • The systems that the pros use to automate their real estate business
  • Low-cash strategies for new investors who are getting started
  • How to maximize the benefits from government-backed mortgage loans
  • How to legally and dramatically reduce your taxes